Why Father Love Daughter More Than His Son?

Why Father Love Daughter More Than His Son


“A son is a son till he gets a wife and a daughter is a daughter till the end of life”, someone has rightly quoted these lines about a father and daughter relationship and has truly thus been said that fathers love daughters more and obviously they should for sure. Sons always keep on asking why fathers love their daughters the most and there can be many answers given to this question, some of which can be described as follows:-

Why Father Love Daughter More Than His Son

Why Father Love Daughter More Than His Son?

1. Daughters are more sensitive:-

In a survey it has been seen that daughters are more respecting, fearful and sensitive than boys. The difference is just physical, but not emotional while the boys often may even speak in front of their fathers. This makes fathers love their daughters even more than their sons.

2. Their Span in a Father’s Life Is Shorter than a Son:-

It should also be considered to be another reason that the span of a daughter in a father’s life is smaller than the span of a son in his life. After all the daughters are to get married and leave their paternal house one day, which makes fathers love them even more than the sons.

3. Who Knows What Kind Of Life She Will Get After Marriage:-

Sons say that though the daughter will get married and start living in someone else’s house, but then also she would still be free to meet her father, but only a father’s heart knows when he thinks what sort of life will his daughter get when she gets married. What is her husband proves to be a drunkard or a gambler and thus their thinking is that they should love the daughter even more till she is with them.

4. A Daughter’s Heart Is More Pious:-

a daughter’s heart is more pious than a son. She may not be allowed to go to malls and clubs unlike a son, but still the respect that she gives her father will be more than what a son gives his father and thus the fathers choose to love their daughters even more.

5. Daughters Are Less Likely To Be Seen After Some Time:-

When a daughter gets married, she won’t be seen in the house and her room, the surroundings where she used to play and her teddy bear as well as dolls would make the father miss her even more. A father thus loves daughter as much as he can so that he may be able to have some memories associated with her.

6. They Are the Actual Pride of the House:-

a girl is actual pride of the house as she is to go to someone else’s house for spending the life when she gets married but the son is to live with his parents only. The moral values are needed much more in case of a daughter as how so ever vulgar the son may be, he is to be tolerated by the same parents, but after marriage, the moral values that the girl shows in the house of her in laws would actually depict what kind of bought up she has been flourished with.


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