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Why Does Thunder Follow Lightning

Why Does Thunder Follow Lightning


Whenever the sky is full of dusty clouds and there is a thunder kind of situation with clouds all over the sky and winds with too much high speeds blowing, often it is that we see lightning along with thunder and this phenomenon includes the light to be reported first and then the sound is noticed. People thus differentiate the phenomenon in their own ways and make myths and beliefs about this phenomenon. The question that here arises is that what is the reason behind this whole happening and to make you aware of the same, we are here with some information regarding this question here in this article.

Why Does Thunder Follow Lightning

Why Does Thunder Follow Lightning

1. What Is Thunder A Result of?

Thunder is a result of the rapid and quick collapse of air or in other words you may say that there is a kind of clash between the airs that takes place very much quickly with a great speed and thus the thunder gets produced. The speed of air flow was high which is why the speed of thunder is also characteristically high.

2. What Is Lightning A Result of?

Just like thunder is a result of rapid and quick collapse of air, the lightning may be understood as the current or electricity developed within the clouds that is formed due to the development of the one kind of charge over the clouds and one kind of charge over the earth’s surface both because of the rubbing that moving air continuously makes.

3. The Development of Charge Over The Clouds:-

You must be puzzled after hearing that there is a kind of development of charge over the clouds that results in lightning, but this is the reality not a fact and it can be understood in a simple way as if I give you a real life example, sometimes when we take off our sweaters, we hear a crackling kind of sound because of the charge developed or if we rub a scale gently against some piece of cloth and then bring it close to some paper pieces, the scale will pick them up because of the development of charge because of rubbing and same is the case with clouds as well. The charge that gets developed over the clouds is because of the air that blows and rubs against them.

4. Why It Is That Lightning Is Seen First But The Sound Comes Later?

Talking about the fact that light is seen first while sound is heard quite later when there is lightning and thunder reported, it is because of the fact that speed of light is faster than the speed of sound. The lightning being fast is seen much early, while the sound takes some time to travel to our ears.


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