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5 Reasons Why Does Iron Get Rusty

Why Does Iron Get Rusty


We know that iron is a hard kind of metal that we bring in use so as to get the things like a staircase, pipes, iron bars etc. made with it and iron gets rusted after some time if it is kept in the open, but this happens just as a magic to someone and some take it as a natural phenomenon, some even do not care about it as they have got the money to purchase the new stuff, but for those who need to know why rusting of iron takes place, here we are trying to enrich your knowledge a bit deeper about it.

Why Does Iron Get Rusty

Why Does Iron Get Rusty

1. When The Iron Comes In Contact With The Air:-

If you ask me in general how the iron gets rusted, I will simply answer that it is a chemical change that occurs in the presence of air containing moisture in it and as the iron meets the air containing moisture, the chemical change taking place converts the iron into rust which means it cannot be changed back to iron as chemical changes are the changes that cannot be reversed.

2. The Process of Corrosion:-

The process of corrosion includes the iron bar to be kept in the open and then when the air containing moisture comes in contact with it, there are three things, i.e. Fe (iron) , air (oxygen) and moisture (H2O). Now, as we know that there is a chemical change going on when iron meets moisture, the new substance gets formed.

3. In Case of the Iron Coated With Some Grease or Paint:-

In case the iron bar has been coated with some grease or paint, this acts as a kind of covering to the iron bar and this is why it does not get rusted even if the rain falls on it. It is advised that you keep the iron made appliances either covered with paint or keep it greased because of this reason only to prevent it from getting corroded.

4. The Corroded Iron Can Also Be Cured Against Further Depletion:-

Even if the iron bar has started getting corroded, still if we apply some paint on the iron bar, it can be prevented from further corrosion as it is a proven fact that when the moisture won’t come in contact with the actual iron, there will be no rust formed and thus the iron won’t get corroded.

5. Preventing It From Coming In Contact With The Moisture:-

It is advised that the iron made appliances like stair case etc. should be kept away from moisture till you get able to grease them or paint them up as corrosion does not lets you get time for cure and instead it is a chemical process which means once converted, it cannot be transformed back.