Why Does God Hate Me So Much?

5 Reasons Why Does God Hate Me So Much?


Somebody has rightly said that those who believe in god are often found complaining to him for the mistakes they have done and as it is human tendency to put the blame of his mistakes on others, people are often found cursing god that he hates them and never leaves any opportunity to make them feel low in life. If you are also facing such a situation, we have got some facts and tips to solve this jeopardy of yours. Simply follow the steps that we are mentioning here and your problem will be sorted.

5 Reasons Why Does God Hate Me So Much?

Why Does God Hate Me So Much?

1. Ask Yourself Is, There Is Any God:-

First of all, ask yourself if you believe in god and if he exists or not? Have you ever felt his presence? If you have a belief that there is a god and he has created us, why would a creator hate his creation? And is this is so, you should work even harder to impress your master that is sure to bring you better results.

2. Take Initiatives for the Improvement of Yourself:-

Try to adopt a kind of mature attitude. If you are not ready to believe that there is no god but your hard work, you can believe that he exists and he hates you but won’t you like to accept the challenge to come in his good books once again? Well, there is a key to it. Simply follow a mature attitude and do everything taking keen interest in it. The god will stop hating you for sure and you will see better results.

3. Depends only and Only On Your Hard Work:-

Your success or failure depends only on the work that you do and the harder you work the better the results you get.  In order to come in the good books of your god, you should try your best to impress him with your hard work and as you will work even harder, the results are sure to be favorable for you.

4. Have You Seen the God:-

Well, nobody has seen the god but still we believe that just like every creation has got its creator, even we must have been created by some power whom we address as the god but it is not always that he would answer us or keep running after us as there is a big world that he has to deal with and thus you will have to take an initiative yourself to come in his good books and a key to it is your hard work and determination in any sort of work so stop blaming him for hating you and start working with twice efforts made that you used to make earlier.

5. It Is All From Your Side only:-

The success or failure is always an outcome of the deeds that we commit and thus we should not blame the god that he does not love us. Or if you are to take it in a negative way only, just like every parent pretends that he or she hates his or child just in order to make the child realize that he or she needs to mend his or her ways, may be that even the god wants you to mend your ways and adopt a better way of living adopting which the god will start loving you once again.


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