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Why do we Need Water to Live on Earth

Why do we Need Water


Water is a universal solvent that all of us bring under use. It has been since centuries that men has been depending on this universal solvent for his survival and if we ask you why did you start drinking it, your answer will probably be that you learnt drinking it from your parents or that it is necessary for your life and daily needs but the question is what is the reason behind the fact that you need water? What is the need of it and thus here we are explaining some uses of it for you to understand its usage in a better way.

Why do we Need Water to Live on Earth

Why do we Need Water to Live on Earth

1. Water Keeps You Hydrated:-

The top- most benefit of water is that it helps you stay hydrated. The lack of water can make you suffer the problem of dehydration which can make you suffer various symptoms like sudden vomiting, stomach pain etc. If you gulp enough volumes of water in your day time, you stay free from this health problem.

2. Body Temperature Regulator:-

Water can be regarded as the natural air conditioner for your body. Let me make you understand you with an example, just like the air conditioner in your house keeps the room cooler from inside, ejects the hot air outside and emits water after doing so, the water that you drink helps you keep your body temperature regulated by the process of perspiration. You must have watched some sweat coming out of your body when you feel hotness in the environment, that is because the body tries to make it temperature normal with respect to the surroundings by sweating and that is nothing but again salt plus water.

3. Best Absorber of Nutrients:-

It has been said that water can help you get the nutrients get best absorbed in the body and that it why the health specialists advise you to take a juicy or fluid based diet in order to make all the nutrients be best absorbed by your body.

4. Makes You Get Rid of The Toxins:-

You must have heard that the human body generates some harmful toxins that if not eliminates can make you go diseased and thus there is a great need to keep eliminating them from your body. When you urinate, these toxins get removed naturally and your urine is again salt plus water. The more the water you drink, the more you urinate.

5. Washing And Cooking:

All of us know that if we eat all the food without cooking it, then also we won’t be able to digest it properly and if we eat without cleaning it, then also it is a bit risky for our health. Water helps us in cooking and washing of food products. Not just the food products but it helps us wash ourselves and our clothes as well.

6. Best Cleansing Agent:-

Water can be regarded as the best cleansing agent for our skin. The excess oil that gets formed in our skin can make the pores in it get clogged with the dirt, pollution and dead cells. When we perspire and sweat comes out of our body, these sweat pores get cleansed and thus we are able to clean our body in a better way.


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