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6 Popular Reasons Why Do We Cry

Why Do We Cry


Crying is a condition in which an individual experiences tears to come out of his or her eyes. These tears are shed from the eyes of such a person because of many reasons and some of the reasons have been mentioned by us in this article. The basic reason remains the same and that is a flood of emotions that we come across but the reason for that flood of emotions to be experienced by an individual is always different and a clue about it you will get in the further lines.

Why Do We Cry

Why Do We Cry

1. Because of Sorrows:-

The first reason for people to cry is the daily sorrows that they experience. Generally what happens, there is someone who makes us feel really off ward and we start crying because of this. You may even take this situation in a way that if there are some joys that make you happy, there will be some sorrows as well that will make you cry.

2. Because of Heart Break:-

The another reason for people to cry is that they meet a heartbreak situation because of their partner who ditches them out of a love triangle or some love affair that the one partner is not able to tackle and thus this takes the shape of tears.

3. Even Because of Happiness, Sometimes:-

Tears can come to your eyes even because of happiness sometimes in a way that when you have been sad for much long time, the happiness knocks, the door which was unexpected from your side or it is that you were craving for it and thus when it finally arrives, you start crying. Sometimes you cry without any reason as no one is exactly able to determine why tears get formed.

4. The Bad Water in Eyes Gets Flushed Out:-

The elder people say that when you cry, the bad water gets flushed out of your eyes and often the problems like the formation of bags under the eyes that occurs because of the accumulation of excess salts under the eyes can be overcome with crying as it makes the salts get removed in a better way.

5. Because of Emotional Crisis:-

Sometimes some people experience a flood of emotions that may be good or bad. The flood of these emotions is enough to make you cry within no time and both the kind of emotions, including the sad as well as happy ones are likely to make you suffer this. This flood of emotions might be a result of some awaited achievement that you have made or something awaited from your side that you have lost.

6. To Express Our Grieves:-

Sometimes we are even crying to express our grief as well. Suppose some loved one to someone has died unfortunately, this will make the associated individual start crying because of the loss that has been done to him. The children may cry even to derive the attention of their parents towards them and the toddlers may cry even for some chocolate or some toy as well.


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