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Why Do Volcanoes Appear Only At Certain Places?

Why Do Volcanoes Appear Only At Certain Places


Hearing the name volcano, something with magma or something as hot as fire must have come to your mind as volcanoes are the erupting form of mass of earth that has got molten rocks in the form of lava inside them. The volcanoes do not exist everywhere, but these are found only at certain places and not every volcano is full of lava, but some are sleeping volcanoes or inactive volcanoes while the others are active or awaken volcanoes. The reason why volcanoes appear only at certain places can be elaborated as follows:-

Why Do Volcanoes Appear Only At Certain Places

Why Do Volcanoes Appear Only At Certain Places?

1. Central America being a hub of volcanoes:-

More than 65% of active volcanoes are found in this region. Not just the active ones, but even the inactive volcanoes are also found in this region. It is not necessary that all the regions will have volcanoes or the ones that would be found will be active only. The volcano may be active or inactive both.

2. The concept of occurrence of volcanoes:-

The volcanoes are likely to occur in a region that has got weak spot with it. Weak spot refers to that part of the earth’s crust which is weak in nature. If there won’t have been any such weak spot in the part of earth, the area won’t be having any sort of volcanoes with it.

3. The birth of a volcano:-

Talking about the fact how a volcano gets born, we know that the layers of earth include the crust, mantle as well as core and that the centre of earth is extremely hot in nature. The more you get deep, the hotter it will be and when you get more nearer to the middle part, the rocks are found to be molten in nature. It is the nature of anything that when it will melt, it will expand and thus need more space. This creates a kind of trap for the energy inside the earth and thus a weak spot gets created because of the temperature and pressure conditions.

4.  The further creation of an active volcano:-

When a weak spot gets created, the inactive volcano gets created, but when the “magma” or the molten rocks increase, a kind of storage for these molten rocks is formed and a kind of uplift gets created as it expands and as the molten lava or magma starts rising, the volcano gets active and thus there is a volcanic eruption seen anytime.

5. The material that gets out of a volcano:-

The material that gets out of a volcano basically contains magma or the molten rocks along with the gases that have resulted and as this lava will move upside and start ejecting out of cracks, the volcanic structure will be formed. The lava comes out and gets cold afterwards.


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