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Why Do Some Dogs Bury their Bones

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones


Is Your Tommy Hiding His Bones ?

Whenever a dog gets a bone, it begins to search for the perfect place to hide it and when he finds the chosen spot, he starts to dig the soil and begins digging frantically till he is having a hole of perfect size to hide it and then drops the bone in it and covers it up. The burying habit of the dogs is the dog’s most peculiar behavior that is on a carnivorous diet. The canine behavior is responsible for this activity in the dogs as in the wild, they had to fight up for food with others and so there developed a habit to hide their food in the canines. The burial habit of the dogs thus may be explained as to be simply a natural survival instinct that the dogs developed to fend off from starvation and to hide their food from the others.

Why Do Some Dogs Bury their Bones

Why Do Some Dogs Bury their Bones

this habit might be developed in the non carnivorous dogs as they just saw the other dogs doing that and developed the habit as they find it to be fascinating and playful. So whenever a dog is hiding its bone, it is nothing but the practice of the canine instinct of food hoarding and to understand that canine behavior, one needs to understand the ancestors of the dogs.

Animals With The Similar Habits :-

there are not just the dogs that have the habit of hoarding or to hide their food but there exist some others also that hide their food including the leopards that bring their prey up to the branches of the trees so that they may eat their food without finding any intruder and same is the case with the bewares who collect the piles of vegetation around their lodges in the cold winter and similar is the case with the common squirrels who store their nuts in the hollow parts of the trees.

Canine Behavior In Dogs :-

the canine behavior in the dogs can be explained as in the world of the early canines or the ancestors of the dogs today, food used to be something hard to find and if a dog was lucky enough to find his food, there used to be competition to fight with the others who could not find their food and thus there begin a search of the food hiding place and the habit to hide their bones developed in the dogs.

The dogs thus begin to bury their bones in the places near their den and this habit prevailed in their next generations also. The dogs just bury their food when they are not in a mood to eat it and want to save it in some safe place so that whenever they feel the need to eat it, they may just dig and find it again. The hoarding habit is common in just the dogs.


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