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Why Do Some Animals Hibernate and Others Don’t

why do some animals hibernate and others don't


Hibernation refers to the period of sleep that most of the animals, including bears undergo so as to spare some of their energy and make themselves live even longer. Some people even say that hibernation is simply a period of sleep in which animals may get vigorous if we try to wake them up but why it is that these animals undergo hibernation and why is this process a part of most of the animal’s life? Well, let us get a bit deeper and find out this answer for us.

why do some animals hibernate and others don't

Why Do Some Animals Hibernate

1. To Live Even Longer:-

It has been found that some of the animals hibernate in order to survive for long periods when food is less or in other words you may say that there is a scarcity of food. In order to Hibernate the animals will eat a lot of food in one go before hibernation storing fats in their body and then survive of the energy stored in their fat while they are resting while hibernating in the caves or the place of their resting.

2. To Have Some Energy Spared For Future:-

The basic motive for this winter sleep or hibernation is just in order to spare some energy for the future purposes. It may be noted down that while hibernating, the animals are generally storing a great amount of fats in their bodies and this fat will enable them to spare some energy for future.

3. To Have Some Isolation or Solitude:-

The animals choose to reach the places like caves, etc. in order to have some place of isolation for them. Most of the times it is preferably done by the animals in winters as winters are the period of time when there is less availability of food and thus the animals choose to live in solitude storing enough fats in their body for surviving even in the adverse weather spans.

4. Conclusion:-

Concluding about hibernation, it is thus simply a kind of adaptation that helps animals conserve energy in the period of their sleep by remaining inactive, greatly slowing down the process of their metabolism and reducing their body temperature for days, weeks or even months at a time. This way reducing the temperature and making the desired changes with the body, these animals are actually able to survive for a longer period of time and thus the animals choose to hibernate in order to procure some energy for them in the period of less availability of food.


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