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Why do Small Dogs Chase their Tails

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tales


There are many reasons why a dog chases its tail that might be due to a playful mood in him or due to some other reasons, though this habit gets eliminated in the dogs when they grow up but this might even persist in some of the cases due to boredom in the case of older dogs that feel a need to have some adventure in their routine to eliminate the boredom or might even be happening by being conflicted in small rooms where they have to reside in a smaller space.

Why do Small Dogs Chase their Tails

Why do Small Dogs Chase their Tails

The dog might even be chasing its tail due to the presence of some insect in it that makes the dog irritated and might even be the cause of the other factors like the hereditary tendencies with the behavior of the dog being passed down form its ancestors and the canine compulsive disorders are even likely to make a dog chase its tail.

The mood of the dog is also likely to make it chase its tail in some of the cases and in some of the cases where the dog feels that why there is a tail in his body may even make him chase its tail.

Why It Happens :-

Puppies might be in a playful mood when they chase their tales. Though the chasing of the tale is likely to stop with the puppy getting older but many of the dogs in their adult age might continue this practice either due to flies or insects or just to gain their master’s attention.

Intervention of the dogs needs to be conducted in some veterinary hospital when this habit continues even in the older age and the dog might need to be diagnosed and be treated for the disease it is suffering from.
If the habit of the dog to chase its tale continues for more than a week, the dog needs to be consulted with a specialist to check if it is suffering from some insect that is making the dog suffer and chase its tale to get rid of it.

Treatment of The Behavior :-

If the chasing habit of the dog is diagnosed to be normal then there are not any issues related with it to worry about but when there is any underlying medical issue for it, there comes the need for the medical treatment of the dog and the owner of the dog needs to take a good care of its pet even after it gets treated medically.


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