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Why do People Smoke Weed and Cigarettes

Why do People Smoke Weed and Cigarettes


Smoking can be understood as a habit of an individual in which he makes the usage of a smoking, substance by lighting it up and breathing the smoke out of it. This habit can prove to be really carcinogenic for you as the smoke gets absorbed in the bloodstream immediately after you smoke and cigarettes and cigars are the primary culprit to it. Though all of us know that smoking is injurious to health, but still people smoke it. So what is the reason behind that?

Why do People Smoke Weed and Cigarettes

Why do People Smoke Weed and Cigarettes

1. Family Relations:-

The first reason for people to start smoking is the disturbances in the family relations. It is either that the father or mother is not cooperating or the problem is with a nagging wife that wants you to become a henpecked husband dancing like a puppet on her fingers and the more you think about her, the more you feel like you need the relief somehow and thus you move towards smoking in order to relieve yourself.

2. To Get Relieved From Stress:-

It has been seen in a study that people find smoking to get them relieved from the daily stress. It is either because of the work load or because of the irritating boss or the non-cooperating staff and colleagues that a person seeks to go for the ways that can make him get out of the environment of stress and thus he chooses to smoke.

3. Family Related Disturbances:-

Family related disturbances like the death of some loved one or the case of a prolonged disease or even a mental disorder in some of the cases can make you get in the grab of the habit of smoking. In some cases even inferiority complex cases are seen to start smoking in order to get relieved from the stage that they are experiencing.

4. Bad Company Or Even Show Off:-

Someone has rightly said,” your friend circle is the half of your reflection and if you fall in a bad company, it spoils your half of life. Suppose some amongst your friends is a habitual smoker, it is but obvious that one day he will offer you a sip of his cigarette and if you accept that proposal, even you will become a smoker. Sometimes it has been seen that some people start smoking just as a show off to show that they are rich and they have a status.

5. Fond of Risk To Play With Life:-

It has been seen that some people call cigarette smoking an art of taking risk to play with life. Well these types of people are rather coward in reality and they fear to get that risk in something else and thus choose to just boast by showing it off with a cigarette between their fingers.

6. Parental Copying:-

If a child has an history of cigarette smoker in his family, there are countless chances that someday even he will try to copy it in order to check how does it tastes. These items should thus be kept out of the reach of the children as well.


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