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6 Reasons Why Do People Have Affairs

Why Do People Have Affairs


In the recently observed survey made on relationships, it was observed that approximately 50% of people had got external affairs other than their marital partner. Perhaps people these days are interested more in someone else’s partner than their own partner, but one thing that dodges the brain is that how can people get so distracted, to have an affair with someone and to get an answer, let us have a look at the facts that we have bought for you.

Why Do People Have Affairs

Why Do People Have Affairs

1. We Always See Good Things in Someone Else’s Plate:-

First of all, let me tell you that it is basically the human nature to see good things always in someone else’s plate which means you are never satisfied with whatever you have got and there is an urge felt to go for more. This proves to be the top most reason that the people fall a prey to affairs.

2. You Look For The Taste Outside When You Do Not Find It At Home:-

There is another saying that one looks for the taste outside when he or she is not able to find it at home, which means when one of the partners is not compatible to the other, the other partner will start finding the pleasure in the other people and this will result in affairs for sure.

3. Sometimes You Have Got A Nagging Partner:-

It has rather been seen that in some of the cases it is that either the partner is much nagging or it is that there is some dispute between the both what takes the shape of a quarrel and hence both lose interest in each other which makes them fall a prey to some external affair.

4. The Family Disputes:-

There are certain cases in which one of the partners is not able to have the harmony with other partner’s family what proves to be a reason of fight for both and thus these minor family disputes make an individual try to run away from responsibilities making him have some other affair to get some relief.

5. Sometimes the Partner Is Not Much Appealing:-

In some of the cases it has rather been seen that one of the partners is fair while the other one is pale or in some other cases it has been revealed that one of the partners is not much appealing what proves to be the reason for people to start finding taste outside and get indulged in affairs.

6. Sometimes Because of Arranged Marriages:-

In India, the main reason for people to get engaged in affairs is the arranged marriages. It is the family that puts the boundations in front of their child that if he or she does not marries according to their wish, they won’t give him or her any share of their property which makes the person say yes for an arranged marriage in beginning out of greed but later on when they both have to stay close and the money ends, such guys and girls are found nowhere.


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