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Why do People Have Affairs after Marriage (6 Steps)

Why do People Have Affairs


Why do people have affairs, well instead you should ask why people are not interested in a single women. The answer is in the question only and that is when a person is not happy with a thing, he tries to find another. Now obviously if a wife or a girlfriend reads what I have written in the above lines, she will surely drag me to the court as I mentioned her as a thing, but my dear let me tell you that when a wife is unable to make her husband feel interested in her, she is not a wife, but a thing and if you need to become a “wife” from “thing”, you will need to think on the reasons that we are mentioning here so as to not let them happen in your case.

Why do People Have Affairs after Marriage (6 Steps)

Why do People Have Affairs after Marriage

1. Sexier Work Partners:-

It has been seen in a survey conducted on males that the most of people who tend to have affairs have got hot colleagues or working partners at their offices what proves to distract them or in other words you may say that the wife looks not so much appealing to them and that is why they tend to have affairs.

2. Sometimes the Wife’s Voice is nagging:-

It has been seen that sometimes even the wife’s voice may appear to be nagging to the husband and the wife might not be having the beauty what he wished for himself. Bitter but true, sometimes it happens not always but still in these cases males have been found to try running from relations and thus move towards an affair.

3. When The Husband Is Unable To Find Taste In Home, He Gets Indulged In Affairs:-

Very true are these lines that when the husband is unable to find taste in home, he tries to move outside to an external affair other than marriage and thus wife’s are advised to move step by step with the world so as to look appealing enough to their husbands so as to avoid this step from ruining their lives.

4. The Way He Is Treated In Home:-

The way he is treated in the home is sometimes quite bad while there may be some female coworker or any friend that may start treating him as he wishes to get treated and thus both may get close to each other what may result in an affair amongst both.

5. Sometimes Due To His Thinking about Girls:-

Sometimes it has been seen that a boy takes females, so cheaply that he takes them for granted and is always indulged in making physical relationships and affairs rather than living happily with a single partner.

6. Sometimes the Parents have not put a watch on Him:-

Sometimes parents put certain unwanted boundations on the child that if he does not makes a marriage with the girl of their choice, he will lose his share in the parent’s property. Such a guy may though marry a girl of their choice with his greed, but then will get indulged in outer affairs so as to fulfill his desires and would certainly start abusing and ill treating his wife to end his frustration.


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