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Why do my Breasts Hurt all the Time

Why do my Breasts Hurt


Breasts can be understood as the upper ventral region of the torso of a female human and contains the glands that produce milk what we call as the mammary glands that can be used to feed babies after birth. Sometimes it is that a women experiences a sort of pain in her breasts and is even not able to understand behind the pain that hurts them and thus here we are explaining some of the reasons that may be the causing factor behind it.

Why do my Breasts Hurt all the Time

Why do my Breasts Hurt all the Time

1. Change In Hormones With Period:-

When a girl enters her periods to eliminate the tissues that are no longer needed in your body, you may experience a sort of pain or pinching or itching in your breasts and nipples due to the hormonal changes that take place with periods. These hormonal changes are the cause behind this pain and you need not worry about that.

2. You Tried To Pull Something Heavy:-

The problem with your breasts that is causing a pain in them and hurting you may even be because you must have tried to pull something heavier in order to clean it up. Suppose you were cleaning up the floor and you decided to pull the sofa or the bed in order to mop the floor under it, it might be the reason that you are experiencing this pain hurting your breasts.

3. An Improper Sized Bra:-

an improper sized bra can even make your breasts go hurt. Some women insert cloth or stuffing inside their bras that makes it extra tight and what proves to be the reason of pain in them. You can even choose to consult your bra type with some experienced female friend of yours or even your mother so as to go for a better fabric supporting your breasts instead of hurting them.

4. May Even Be the Reason of Breast Cancer:-

Sometimes, even breast cancer may be the reason that your breasts have started hurting you. Breast cancer is the type of cancer that develops within the tissues of breasts in females and it might be because of the reason that mother is not breast feeding the baby or even due to some other reasons, but it has been seen that there is a sort of pain in breasts felt if the women is suffering from the carcinomas of breast.

5. Improper Squeezing While Sex:-

Sometimes when your hubby squeezes your breasts while sex in an improper way out of excitement and ecstasy, even this condition may cause your breasts to be hurt. Sometimes while taking a love bite of your breasts it is but obvious that he makes some mistake with his teeth, which keeps on hurting your breasts in the day.

6. Workout Hazards:-

Sometimes, even when the workout that you make in gym gets extra than the required, In this condition also you may experience a pain or hurting in your breasts as it includes whole your body muscles to get stretched and thus this might be the reason that your breasts are hurting you.


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