Why Do Grandparents Love Their Grandchildren So Much

Why Do Grandparents Love Their Grandchildren So Much


It has been seen that grandparents love their grandchildren like any treasure. There is a saying, that people love interest more than the principal amount and the same is the case with grandparent’s love for their grandchildren which is inexplicable. We had a talk with various grandparents and found out that the love for their grandchildren is because of certain factors that we have tried our best to explain in this article.

Why Do Grandparents Love Their Grandchildren So Much

Why Do Grandparents Love Their Grandchildren So Much

1. Every Parent Has Got Some Dreams:-

Every parent has got some dreams that they wish to fulfill in life and when they themselves are not able to fulfill those dreams, they try to fulfill these dreams with the help of their children. When even their children prove to be unable to fulfill their expectations, they wish these expectations to be fulfilled by their grandchildren one day and thus the love is but obvious to be more in this case.

2. It Makes Them Remember Their Childhood Days Again:-

According to Dr. Pahuja, a retired headmaster, children are a gift of god, and when he is along with his grandson, it makes him feel like he has again become a child and the playful attitude of his grandson makes him remember his childhood days again making him full of zeal, determination as well as energy.

3. Children Go Hen Pecked To Wives And Grand Children Go Hen Pecked To Grand Parents:-

It has rather been seen that children after getting marries get busy with their lives and do not find time to be with their parents while the grandchildren are thirsty for love and thus they choose to stay close to the grandparents what makes even the grandparents fall in love with them.

4. They Love Their Grand Children’s Innocence:-

Children are another name of innocence and their cute faces make their grandparents feel like they are having their own children playing with them. The grandparents really love this innocence and even a single toffee or chocolate that they give their grandchildren proves to give them loads of kisses and hugs what proves to be an advantage and thus grandparents fall in love with their children.

5. After All They Are, Their Children’s Children:-

Yes, after all they are their children’s children as I have mentioned in the beginning that one does not care for principal amount but for the interest. Grand children are a kind of interest for the grandparents that they have got on their children to play with, to live their old age with and to spend time talking with and obviously to fall in pious love with.

6. They May Hate Their Children But Can’t Ever Hate Their GrandChildren:-

Another person Mr. Haldwani Singh says that he can hate his children for being so henpecked to his wife, but won’t be able to ever hate his grandchildren as whenever he looks at the face of his granddaughter, he comes to revive his own daughter’s face. The love for grand children is thus pious and pure and it keeps on increasing each day.


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