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Why do Girls have Periods

Why do Girls have Periods


Period might be thought as a time in a girl’s life when she gets ready for the pregnancy and once you enter it, It means you have become able to be pregnant. Pituitary gland secretes some hormones that makes them happen to a girl and these hormones bring about the release of an egg that causes the uterus lining to get thicker and prepare for the fertilization of the egg. When a girl will have sex with her hubby in her period, there are much chances that she will get pregnant easily but one thing you might be thinking what is the exact reason behind it and thus here we are explaining it for you.

Why do Girls have Periods

Why do Girls have Periods

1. Release of The Tissue That The Body Does Not Needs:-

The first reason that girls have periods is that they need to get rid of the tissues that the body no longer needs in it. The uterus lining gets thick in periods so as to make way for the tissues to be released. Let me make you understand it with simple words, Like every bad thing needs to be eliminated from the body, these body tissues also need to be eliminated.

2. To Make You Mature Enough To Be A Mother:-

Periods make you mature enough to be a mother, let me make you understand this in simple words, when you get periods, you will become pregnant if you make sex with your hubby and thus it proves to be an advantage making you mature enough to produce young ones and become a mother. You need to use protection in your periods before making sex so as to avoid getting pregnant this way.

3. To Clean Up The Uterus:-

When the fetus starts developing in your body, there are some unwanted things that it generates and in order to get rid of these things, you need to clean up the uterus and your periods are destined to clean up your uterus in a better way. You get rid of the excess bleedings, harmful tissues and all other stuff that needs to be cleaned.

4. Should I Worry If I Don’t Want To Get Pregnant?

If you wish you don’t want to get pregnant, you should ask your partner to make usage of condom and other protections. You need not to worry about yourself getting pregnant if your partner uses protection properly and instead you can choose to satisfy yourself without sex in periods if you fear getting pregnant.

5. When does it happen?

periods may start at the age of 15 or 16 in case of some girls and even at the age of 8 or 9 in some cases. You can take the average age of getting periods being 12-13 years. The menstruation may depend from female to female and some amongst them menstruate for three to four days and some for even seven to eight days. The cases are different with every female and thus you can’t tell it certainly and accurately.


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