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Why Do Dogs Randomly Howl at Night

Why Do Dogs Howl


Introduction :-

Every living being in this world needs to communicate, same is the case with the dogs, they howl to communicate with each other. The other reason that the dogs howl may be that they howl to attract the attention of their owner towards them or to make contact with the others.  This speech less animal can’t speak, what can they do except howling ?

Why Do Dogs Randomly Howl at Night

Why Do Dogs Randomly Howl at Night

Dogs howl in order to announce about their presence to the others. Sometimes when a dog hears a highly pitched sound, like an ambulance siren or the police van siren or some musical instruments that irritate them even it may make the dog to howl.

There Is A Reason Behind Every Howl :-

Suppose, you have to go to job everyday leaving your dog alone at your house and the dog is deeply attached with you and loves you like his own father, the dog may start howling when you are not at home as the dog might miss you due to the anxiety caused by the separation and loneliness.
To overcome this situation, the dog must not be left alone and must be taken under a good care. Whenever you leave your dog alone in your house, the dog is likely to suffer from anxiety, pacing, destruction and elimination and the dog might suffer even depression in some of the cases and might keep on howling when you leave it alone at your house as the sigh of distress.

The dogs even howl when they are sick, humans can simply tell by speaking that they are ill, but these poor animals can’t even speak that they are ill to their owner and simply start howling to tell that they are ill and even in some of the cases when the dog gets hurt because of something then also the dog is likely to start howling.

In some of the cases where there is a deep affection between the dog and its owner, the dog may start howling when it feels ignored by his owner or thinks that the owner is angry with him because of something.

When the dog starts howling much often and the reason is not understood, it needs to be taken to a good vet-hospital to check if it is not suffering from a serious disease or a severe injury that makes it keep on howling to make others notice that it is suffering from some disease or injury.


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