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Why do Dogs Have so Many Whiskers

Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers


Need of The Whiskers:-

We humans have sensory organs to sense everything coming in contact with us. Same is the case with the dogs, to sense anything that comes in contact with them, it needs the help of the whiskers. Dogs touch the entire world with the help of its whiskers. Whiskers are the long and often coarse hair on the head or the muzzle or the jaw and above the eyes of a dog.

Why do Dogs Have so Many Whiskers

Why do Dogs Have so Many Whiskers

The whiskers are needed to send the sensory messages to the brain of the dog and to react according to that. The whiskers of a dog are highly sensible to any slight change in the air currents and even serve as the receptors to send and receive the information about how the nearby object looks and that might be harmful or not. Whiskers enable a dog to be more intelligent and to help him see the world more clearly.

Advantages of Whiskers:-

At the night when a dog is in the dark, these whiskers make the dog to feel the vibrations in the air around it and to sense the approaching danger. Do dog’s dream ?

Whiskers might be used depending upon the breed of the dog. Some of the dogs might use these whiskers to locate their food or to sense the danger or to locate their prey such as the cats or rats etc or to determine if the space they are about to get in will be enough for them to travel or not.

Don’t Ever Trim Your Dog’s Whiskers :-

People trim the whiskers of their dog in order to make it look representable forgetting the benefits whiskers provide to their pet dog. Some of the people even surgically remove the whiskers out of un-awareness of these vital sensory whiskers that later on develops confusion and decreased spatial awareness.

People taking care of your dog for you might say that the whiskers need to be trimmed to make the face of the dog look more clearer but never trim off your dog’s whiskers as they are the early warning tool to the every threat that approaches your dog and helps it live a more healthier life and prevents your dog from getting collided with the walls and coming in contact with some insects that might harm it.

The dogs whose whiskers get trimmed off become less sensitive to the light and are likely to get collided with the walls of your houses at night hence the whiskers of a dog should never be let to be trimmed at any cost.


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