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Why do Dogs Eat Grass Before they Throw up

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass


Introduction :-

It is quite normal when we hear about a horse eating and feeding on grass but it becomes quite contradictive when we watch out our dog feeding on grass, but it is not un-natural in any sense.
Much of the dogs are fond of munching off grass and like to do it repeatedly, though it is not a thing to worry about and is quite normal with much of the dogs that are on a herbivores diet.

Why do Dogs Eat Grass Before they Throw up

Why do Dogs Eat Grass Before they Throw up

Even dogs need some nutrients to feed on and they find it in the grass and start munching it and usually throw it out after munching but sometimes when the grassy stuff gets inhaled, the dog might start to vomit out the stuff that might feel to be a serious problem to the owner of the dog as the grassy blades might upset the stomach of the dog and might make it start vomiting by tickling the throat up along with the lining of the stomach.

What Actually Happens :-

Unlike cows, the dogs are not actually grazing on the grass fields but may be actually nibbling on the grassy stuff and chew it for just some of the times and then exhale it out and that might happen either as they might find the grassy texture to be pallateable or just because they might feel to add some of the roughage to the diet they feed upon.

There is no danger in letting the dog feed on grass as the grass contains some nutrients that prove to be good for the dogs when they are on a commercial diet. Though if someone watches his or her dog feeding on grass, the diet of the dog can be changed accordingly and cooked vegetables and herbs need to be introduced in its diet so that the dogĀ  does not feels a need to depend on the outer resources. Munching of grass is not bad at all for the dogs but if the grass eating is made on an excessive level that might be a sign of an awaited illness that your dog is just to bring about in it and the owner might need to seek for veterinary assistance.

What Is Good For A Dog :-

Till the munching of the grass is at an ignorable level, the dog should not be stopped but if the level gets beyond healthy limits, the food habits become mandatory to be changed and the diet of the dog needs to be consulted with an vet-expert and the dog needs to be made under the care of the animal hospital.


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