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Why do Cows Produce Milk Every Day

why do cows produce milk every day


Cows are the species of cattle based animals that are being nurtured by humans for the purpose of obtaining milk from them. This milk is believed to be a rich source of Calcium and is even good for each and every individual’s health because of which the cow and its milk based products are popular all over the world in dairy product lovers. Talking about how this milk gets produced in a cow let me make you understand this in a simple and better way.

why do cows produce milk every day

Why do Cows Produce Milk Every Day

1. The Presence of Mammary Glands:-

Just like every other mammal, the mammary glands are present in cows because of what cows are able to produce milk. This is not a sure shot fact that cows will always have milk in their mammary glands, but instead it is for the same purpose that every mammal has got these mammary glands for, and this is for the purpose of feeding their young ones.

2. The Milk Can Be Produced Only When Cows Get Pregnant:-

When a cow gets pregnant, these mammary glands are able to produce the desired amount of milk needed for the young ones to be provided with but the milkmen allow the calf to feed only a small amount and milks the rest of cow’s milk for the purpose of profit making.

3.  There Would Be No Milk If The Young Ones Are Not Fed:-

There may arise a kind of greed in some milkmen’s mind that why should they let the calf feed its mother’s milk and instead why don’t they use the entire milk for profit making only, but this milk is able to be milked only of the calf is feeding its mother and instead the mammary glands will get dried up and thus the milkmen has to allow even the calf to feed some of the mother’s milk.

4. The Dairy Procedure of Milking:-

In big dairies where the commercialization of milk is done for the purpose of profit making, when the calf gets born after the ten months of labor being born by the mother cow, the calf is first fed her milk and then the calf is prevented from this and instead the mother cow is milked with the help of electronic machines depriving her child of her natural milk.

5. The Animal Rights And Milking of Cow:-

Though it is right to milk a cow and use some of its milk for the feeding purposes if it does not makes any kind of damage either to the cow or the calf, but if you go for the commercialization depriving the calf from its mother and use the entire of the milk obtained for the purpose of making sales only, it is a mere cruelty that you are showing. Some of the calves and mother cows are even seen crying because of the deprivation from each other that they suffer.