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6 Proven Reasons Why Diet Pills Never Work

Why Diet Pills Never Work


A diet pill may be defined as a pill taken when you are on a diet plan. It is basically a pharmaceutical product that can help you suppress appetite in order to speed up your body’s metabolism and thus affecting the body’s absorption of calories. Generally obese patients bring these pills in use in order to lose weight, but a majority of them never get benefited because of this pill. There can be many reasons to the question why this pill did not work for you while it worked for some other friend of yours. Here are some such reasons that might be possible behind the reason why this pill did not work for you.

Why Diet Pills Never Work

1. People Just Rely on the Pills and Never Do Exercises:-

This is one of the most prominent problems with people who take diet pills. It has been seen that such people start taking diet pills without adding any form of exercise or workout to their schedule and as every supplement needs something to supplement its effect, the lack of exercise proves to be a drawback in such cases.

2. You May Have Mistaken A Substitute as Original Product:-

If we go and look about a particular pill in the market say a pill named as “cetirizine”, we will find many other pills with the similar kind of names say citizen, citrizen, cetrizon etc. The customer often gets confused with such names and purchased a substitute of the medicine that he actually wished to purchase.

3. You are not following the Instructions properly:-

There is another problem with such people and it is that they never follow the instructions printed on the label carefully.  In order to get best results from any kind of pill, you should first check its manufacturing date and then you should compare it with the date of expiry. If the date of expiry has still not arrived, you can follow the label instructions properly to get the most of it.

4. Taking More Calories/Fats than the Burnt Amount:-

Suppose a particular diet pill helps you in absorption of some unit of calories but then you consume double the calories burnt. The amount of calories which is still left in your body will be much more as compared to the amount of burnt calories and thus no effect will be observed in your body in such cases.

5. Lack of Clinically Proven Agents in Your Pills:-

Most such pills contain agents or ingredients which are never clinically proven. You can never make a claim over an unapproved medicine that it has caused any side-effect or has shown no results. You should always purchase pills with clinically proven agents in it to get best results for your body.

6. Pills Not Approved by FDA:-

Double check that the pill you take should be approved by FDA. One such FDA approved pill is Orlistat which presents the body from absorbing content of fat from the taken food. The other such pills include the names like sibutramine or Rimonabant or Metformin etc.


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