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5 Proven Reasons Why Did Titanic Sink and What Day?

5 Proven Reasons Why Did Titanic Sink and What Day?


The Titanic was a ship that was a kind of modern floating village over the sea. This ship took power of dozen horses just to hold the anchor and was a place of accommodation to thousands of tourists seeking to travel forward through the ocean. RMS Titanic had the best crew on it with the top class people traveling by the means of it and was a voyage ship of its kind, but why did this voyage ship met its end, this is of a great surprise as well as grief to all and to know the reason why titanic got sunken and what day, let us make you get to know that all.

5 Proven Reasons Why Did Titanic Sink and What Day?

Why Did Titanic Sink and What Day?

1. The capacity of titanic:-

Titanic could carry 3547 passengers on it at one time along with the crew members and there were plenty of all sorts of luxuries on this ship. The ship was 269.1 meters in length and how huge and gigantic it was can be taken a thought by the fact that it took nearly 3 hours for the ship to get sunken in the  water.

2. The journey that it was upon:-

The RMS Titanic was trying to make way through its maiden voyage through the Atlantic Ocean to the city of New York. It was a season of cold weather with temperature as low as minus two degrees and thousands of passengers along with the crew were on the ship at that time.

3. The Unfortunate Day:-

It was the unfortunate day of 14th of April 1912 when the unfortunate took place with Titanic. The ship received six warnings about an iceberg which was on its way, but still because of the negligence to those warnings, the ship met a hole because of the strike with iceberg that made the ship experience water logging nearly 11.40pm at night and after three hours at 2.20am on the morning of 15 April, the ship was finally seen sunken in the sea what proved to be a dreadful death for all who could not get space in the lifeboats.

4. The Unfortunate Reason:-

Titanic had got a plenty of life boats in general which was about 64 lifeboats in total for the rescue purposes in case any unfortunate takes place with the ship, but that day titanic was actually carrying only 20 lifeboats which proved to make the situation worse and more than 60% of the passengers met their death not because they could not make their way through the sea, but because the temperature was so drizzling and chilling that their blood got frozen making them die in a couple of hours.

5. The Facts behind Sinking of Titanic:-

It took nearly 3 hours for titanic to get sunk and along with its more than 1500 lives met their end.
Nearly $7,500,000 was spent in building titanic that were of no use now and the ship was broken in pieces under water with a proof of unfortunate taken place in the sea. More than half of the people could have been saved if the ship will be having a proper number of lifeboats.The dreadfulness of the eyes of survivors can be seen truly in the movie Titanic that was released afterwards based on the story of this movie.


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