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6 Reasons Why Did America Attacked Iraq In 2003

Why America Attacked Iraq


America comes amongst the top powers of this world in terms of equipments as well as machinery and modern machines. On the 1st of May 2003, America attacked Iraq and it is said to be a Coalition victory that resulted in Iraqi Ba’athist government being overthrown and New Iraqi government being established. Some even say that it was merely a trick of America to show its power and to throw down the rule of a self obsessed form of government from Iraq.

6 Reasons Why Did America Attacked Iraq

Why Did America Attacked Iraq

1. Basically It Was To Bring Saddam Hussein Under Control:-

America had realized the fact that Saddam Hussein had become another name of power in Iraq and the way this person was supporting terrorism, this could become a fear even for the United States as well. Terrorism is what every country feared at that time and thus America had both an opportunity as well as an idea that if Saddam Hussein gets suppressed or killed, terrorism would also get suppressed in a way and even the power of America would be elaborated to the rest of the world as well.

2. To Make Muqtada-al-Sadr the Hero of Iraq:-

There was also an idea that being a self obsessed kind of leader, Saddam Hussein was not favored by the public and even they needed a better leader. There was no loss seen in killing of Saddam as if he would get killed, Muqtada-al-Sadr would become the hero of Iraq and thus there would be a leader who would obey the international laws and won’t support terrorism.

3. The Oil Just Became Another Reason For Them To Fetch The Investment Back:-

Some say that America attacked Iraq because of its oil, which was of a great value but let me tell such people that the investment that American forces had to employ in this mission were greater than the value of the oil, but you can say that oil was another reason to fetch that investment back as a recovery to the investment made.

4. To Over Throw The Iraqui Ba’athist Government:-

The Ba’athist government that was in rule that time was not favored by anyone and America had realized that if Saddam gets killed in this operation, the Iraqi Ba’athist government would get overthrown and thus there would be changes made with the governing system as well.

5. Another Reason to Show Power:-

Some even say that this was simply a trick of America to depict its power to the rest of countries, but here I would say that if demonstrating your power makes some impact on terrorism and reduces it in one way or the other, you should sure go for it and the same was done by the American forces as well.

6. To End Saddam’s Support to Terrorism:-

The conclusion that most of the thinkers agree on is that this mission’s main motive was to eradicate Saddam Hussein and to end his support for terrorism being a good cause as terrorism is a problem that none of the countries has been able to eradicate completely till the date.


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