6 Reasons Why Diamonds Are So Expensive

6 Reasons Why Diamonds Are So Expensive


Diamond is a crystalline form of carbon and most of the diamonds are either carved from sea based forms or are extracted from coal mines. The most of the forms of diamonds are so expensive because of the property and uses that they have got and being the hardest as well as most famous form of carbon amongst people, diamond serves to be something too much expensive. The reason why diamonds are so expensive can be explained as follows:-

6 Reasons Why Diamonds Are So Expensive

Why Diamonds Are So Expensive

1. The Usage of Diamonds in Jewellery:-

Diamonds are used for making jewellery and diamond jewellery proves to be the first choice of every woman. The demand for diamonds in the international market, thus makes them expensive with every woman’s dream being to bedraped with diamond sets.

2. The Usage of Diamonds in Metal Cutting Tools:-

Diamonds are really sharp and thus these are used in cutting of most of the metals with diamond knives that can easily cut everything in no time. The demand for diamonds in metal cutting tools also gives rise to the cost of diamonds and makes them so expensive.

3. The Usage of Diamonds in Surgery Tools:-

It is impossible to cut human skin with a knife and thus specially designed blades are used by surgeons that are made with diamonds carving them to shape up in a knife that can rip anything within no time. The use of diamond knives in the field of surgery also adds to its cost and makes it expensive.

4. The Shine of Diamonds:-

Diamonds are really shiny and even the miss universe and miss world’s crown is decorated with diamonds in it. Every woman thus gets attracted with the shine of diamonds and thus they long for it making the demand for diamonds rise in the market making the prices of diamonds rise in the market.

5. Diamond is something that is totally royal:-

A diamond is something that is totally royal and even the kings and queens used to wear crowns and rings made of diamonds. To add the luxuries to their lifestyle and to imitate the lifestyle of kings and queens, people choose to go for diamonds what adds to the demand of diamonds and thus it serves to be another reason why diamonds are expensive.

6. The Labor that is spending on carving them:-

Besides it, the shine that a diamond gets is not natural all the times and instead a great amount of labor is spent trying to carve the diamonds with special tools. The labor is expensive and thus the diamonds are expensive.


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