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6 Reasons Why Democracy Is a Better Form of Government

Why Democracy Is a Better Form of Government


We know that a democracy is the form of government that means where all the people are given an equal treatment and the country where I am living, India is known as the largest democracy of the world, though it has adopted some of the traits of its constitution from the other countries, but still It is simply the best form of democracy where people of all the religions live together without any sort of discrimination and these are the features of a perfect democracy. There are several other features of a democracy that make it a better form of government and these can be listed as follows:-

Why Democracy Is a Better Form of Government

Why Democracy Is a Better Form of Government

1. Democracy Is A Government to the People, For the People and By the People:-

Democracy is a form of government to the people, for the people and by the people, which means the government has been made by the people themselves choosing their representatives and these chosen representatives will work for the public only and it is the public only who has got the power to change these representatives.

2. It’s Our Elected Representatives Who Propose Our Problems In Front of House:-

As I told you that the representatives that we choose for ourselves will reach the house of parliament to work for us, these ministers will put forward our problems in front of the house and thus the problems will be sorted out in a better way.

3. Each Person Has Got His or Her Individual Rights:-

In a democracy, there is a set of rules and regulations that we call the constitution and the government is run abiding by the rules mentioned in it only. The constitution offers equal rights to each and every member of the country and treats everybody equal before the law in a democracy.

4. The Government Is Answerable To the Public:-

Unlike a monarchy where the son possesses his father’s seat and comes upon the throne after his demise, and where the ruler is answerable to none of the person from the public, there is no such problem with a democracy and instead in this form of government the officials are answerable to each and every individual from the public as it is them only who have elected him.

5. If You Don’t Like The Government Simply Change It:-

The best feature that I like about a democracy is that you can change the government any time you feel that it has got corrupt. Every five years or so, the elections are held and it is the same common people who will vote in it and the representative who won’t work for the public will thus get eliminated this way.

6. The Public Is Ruler and the Government Is the Servant:-

In a democracy, thus public becomes a ruler rather than being a servant and thus a democracy is a better form of government as in other forms of government, the rulers are the one who sits on the ruling seat and they care about none, but themselves.


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