Why Conference Calls Don’t Work?

6 Proven Reasons Why Conference Calls Don’t Work?


Conference refers to meeting and conference calls refer to meeting calls or group based calls where an individual makes connection with two or more people and they can talk together while being on the same connection but at different places with the phone in their hands. Suppose you are talking to your friend at a time and he or she asks you to join another friend with another contact number to the same call, the call conference option can be bought into use. It was made initially for the purpose of building a network of call conferencing where one could do business discussions while making various call connections at the same time, but there are some faults reported by some users that prove to be a limitation and in case call conferencing does not work in your case, the following factors must have resulted in it:-

6 Proven Reasons Why Conference Calls Don’t Work?

Why Conference Calls Don’t Work?

1. You Are Using an Unsupported Handset:-

It has been seen that some of the handsets that are Chinese or else are from some local brand do not support conference calling option at all. There might be an option in menu for call conferencing, but still it won’t work in such handsets and thus you would have to change your handset in case it does not support call conferencing facility.

2. You Are on Modem Based Calling Function:-

If you are using some modem with calling facility provided in it, you might not have the call conferencing option related with it. In order to have call conferencing enabled with a modem, and you might have to rely upon some separate conferencing software.

3. The Network Barrier:-

In some of the cases, the network barrier might also prove to come in your way. The network barrier is something that includes the network or signal to be weak with the device you are using or any of the people on conferencing is using. The conferencing mode is subjected to factors like network and balance being a limitation to it.

4. in Case the Conference Maker Creates Some Problem:-

In case the conference maker has created some problem, the conference call might get disconnected in between. Suppose there are four friends and “A” has made conference call with “B”, “C” and “D” and suppose in between a person “E” calls “A” and trying to disconnect his call, “A” mistakenly ends someone else’s call, the situation gets beyond control.

5. The Fault in Any of the Connections:-

The chances of fault with any of the connections are also likely to occur when you are trying to make a conference call. You are advised to check network as well as balance before you choose to go for conference calls.

6. It Eats Balance much quicker:-

Last but not the least, most of the conference calls eat up your balance and thus you should never rely on conference calls that are made Sim to Sim. Instead, you may choose to go for internet based conferencing as better the internet speed, better the conferencing can be made this way and even network does not proves to be a barrier.


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