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Why Cloud Computing Is Not Secure?

Why Cloud Computing Is Not Secure


Cloud computing or what we can call on demand computing is a kind of computing service that is based on internet where the resources that have been shared along with the information is provided to the other devices on demand. The resources can be shared this way, but some even say that it is not a smart approach for resource sharing as it is not secure at all with various risks associated with it and some of these risks can be explained as follows:-

Why Cloud Computing Is Not Secure

Why Cloud Computing Is Not Secure

1. Lack of Internet Data Serves to Be a Problem:-

In case of cloud computing, the data crisis serves to be the top most barriers. If you are trying to go for resource sharing and that too with a weak data network, you might not be able to make the most of it as lack of data serves to be an impediment in this direction and besides this, even the data that is fetched is at risk.

2. The Data Is Not Secure At All over Cloud:-

In case of cloud computing, the data is not secure at all.A third party is the one who looks after the data that you have fetched with cloud computing as well as resource sharing and this third party is obviously a live person making your data risk prone to be touched by some third party.

3. You Are At Risk of cyber Attack While Even Storing The Data:-

Even while you are trying to store the data with cloud computing options, the data that you are trying to store is at a risk of cyber attack which proves to make cloud computing be kept at side considering it as a non- secure option for all but if you don’t have anything confidential, you may still choose to go for it.

4. Lack of Standardization also puts it at a Risk:-

The lack of standardization also serves to keep the cloud computing option lag behind in terms of security options as there are no latest security updates provided with it. Obviously, one looks for security options with resource sharing as most of the offices where we choose to go for the resource sharing options are based on information that is to keep confidential.

5. Non Existent Customer Services:-

The customer service options with most of the cloud computing service providers are either lacking or do not exist at all. There is no dedicated service helpline and even if they give it to you, it comes unavailable most of the times, which proves to be another limitation of the security options in case of cloud computing.

6. Hackers Keep an Eye on You:-

Besides this, cloud computing serves to be great for personal use like resource sharing to get a print out of any book or any other not so confidential document, but still proves to keep your risk prone as the hackers always keep an eye on such hubs of data and resource sharing being counted amongst one of their primary targets.


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