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5 Reasons Why Capital Punishment Should Be Banned

5 Reasons Why Capital Punishment Should Be Banned


Capital punishment refers to the punishment that includes killing someone as the punishment offered to an individual. There are two provisions of punishment in the laws of any country, first one is the capital punishment, and the other one is a punishment of imprisonment or imposing a suitable amount of fine on that individual. People these days are of a view that capital punishment should be banned over the other mode of punishment so that the people those who commit crimes can be bought behind the bars but the ones those who have been convicted because of some mistake should be spared. There are various reasons why people expect capital punishment to be banned, some of which can be explained as follows: –

5 Reasons Why Capital Punishment Should Be Banned

Why Capital Punishment Should Be Banned

1. A Crime May Be a Result of Some Ill Judgment:-

After all, a judge is a human only and not god. He can’t make a fortune that somebody is a criminal or not and he just makes a judgment based on the proofs and evidences that can be fraudulent most of the times. The judges can’t be sure that they have made a perfect judgment till they have a solid proof about it and thus there should be no capital punishment at all.

2. It May Have Resulted Out of Prejudice:-

It has been reported many a times that the proofs and evidences are sold because of money and muscle power and even the judge takes a decision out of prejudice in some of the adverse situations. In such cases even an innocent person gets punished which is why we advise capital punishment to be banned.

3. Even The Law of Country Does Not Permit An Innocent To Be Bought Behind The Bars: –

The laws of Indian country say that though a criminal may be spared, but an innocent person should never be bought behind the bars under any circumstances and thus even the law of our country does not permit an innocent person to be bought behind the bars which is why we say that capital punishment should be banned.

4. The Punishment should be based On the Level of Crime:-

Some people ask that if capital punishment should be banned, what sort of punishment should be imposed then? Well, after abolishing the capital punishment the punishment that can be given instead of it can include imprisonment or to send the suspect to the rehabilitation center as death is not always a solution.

5. To Establish Law & Order in A Better Way:-

In order to establish law and order in a better way being friendly for the common people, it is advised that capital punishment should be banned.  This enables us to have a better form of judgment be available for all and thus even the criminals get chance to improve their lives in rehabilitation centers while the innocent people who out of an unfortunate are made the suspect getting capital punishment get spared making them get another chance to lead their lives in a better way.


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