Why Brothers Change After Marriage?

6 Proven Reasons Why Brothers Change After Marriage?


“Marriage is a bond eternal that nobody can ever break, Fool is the one who tries to come in between two souls that complete each other after marriage.” Someone has rightly said these lines about married life, but often it has been seen that there is a difference that occurs in between two siblings when one of them gets married and often brothers are blamed to get changed after marriage. There are various reasons behind this fact and some of these can be explained as follows:-

6 Proven Reasons Why Brothers Change After Marriage?

Why Brothers Change After Marriage?

1. Because of the Responsibilities:-

First of all, marriage means responsibilities and when you have responsibilities on your shoulders to fulfill, you think about nothing but those responsibilities and as no other responsibility is as big as the responsibility of your wife, brothers change after marriage as it is the need of the hour.

2. They Get someone after them:-

After marriage, brothers get someone after them to care, to love and obviously to live life with. Only love can’t satisfy all the needs of life and thus they have to work as well. An average boy finds himself trapped in all these responsibilities after marriage and thus they change after marriage.

3. They Don’t Actually Change But It Feels Like They Have Changed:-

In most of the cases, brothers do not change at all but it has been seen that it feels like they have changed as they find themselves unable to pay heed to the other relations as they do to their wives and people start saying that the brother has become hen pecked after marriage and that his wife knows how to make her husband dance like a puppet on her fingers.

4. The Wives Are Nagging And complaining:-

The wives are most often nagging and simply complaining about everything in the house, but after all she is the wife and thus most of the brothers do not take their sibling’s side but choose to stay by their wife’s side as she is their responsibility now. You can manage to fight with your sibling, but not a wife.

5. The Promises that they have to keep:-

Every husband has got some promises to keep that he had made while taking the seven marriage rounds. These promises make him bound to hear what his wife says and thus the other relations get less time, which makes them think that the brother has got changed after marriage.These promises if not fulfilled can even make the marriage get broken in no time and thus it is not even the brother’s fault.

6. The Belief That Sisters Are Meant To Go:-

In case of sisters, it is generally believed that the sister is to live in her husband’s house after marriage, but you have to live with the wife rest of your life and thus the attention paid to your wife is always more as compared to that of a sister and thus sisters feel that the brother has got changed or the brother’s wife has made some black magic on her husband to make him stay henpecked to her.


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