6 Reasons Why Are Muslim Countries So Backward

6 Reasons Why Are Muslim Countries So Backward

6 Reasons Why Are Muslim Countries So Backward


The countries like Afghanistan, Indonesia, some parts of Africa, Asia and other such countries and continents have a great number of Muslims living in them. Often Muslim countries are seen facing economic as well as social backwardness and even the value of living as well as protection standards are kept at risk in such places much often as reported by the ones whom we talked to. There can be various reasons for the backwardness of Muslim countries and some of these reasons can be illustrated as follows:-

6 Reasons Why Are Muslim Countries So Backward

Why Are Muslim Countries So Backward

1. Partially Because of Belief in Jihad:-

There is a belief that Muslim people have in Jihad and they are always ready to die for it. People who spread terror rumor these innocent Muslims in the name of jihad and thus distract them from their path, making them get mixed with the terrorists and become human bombs or weapon loaded criminals.

2. Completely Because of Terrorism:-

Not just in the name of Jihad, but on the name of their religion also Muslims are made to revolt against their own people. Groups like Taliban etc use these innocent people making them their volunteers as human bombs and missile man and do not even leave the schools in which girls are meant to study.

3. Partially Because of Their Own Beliefs:-

Muslims have a belief that children are a gift of god and more the children, more the earning heads, but they do not think that more the kids, greater the expenses and thus they live in absolute poverty with scarcity of luxuries and even the things of basic needs.

4. The Lack of Education:-

As I told you earlier, there is a lack of education in Muslim areas, this is because of the fact that Muslim people believe that woman is meant to live behind the curtains and only man can be provided the education and that too only till high school or secondary school in most of the Muslim areas. Though there are educated people as well, but the reason of backwardness serves to be the lack of education only.

5. The Belief in Multiple Marriages and Multiple Kids:-

There is a belief that people have in multiple marriages as well as multiple kids. A Muslim can even be found having as more as eight wives. More people in the family mean more expenses and this means less savings and backwardness as well. In some of the cases it is seen that the children are married at a very early stage of life that serves to be another reason for this backwardness.

6. Because of Groups like ISIS and Al-Qaida: –

In most of the Muslim areas, there is an influence of groups like ISIS, Al-Qaida, Taliban etc who seek to do no upliftment but to spread terror and thus there is a kind of fear amongst people. The people thus can’t even dare to go for multiple professions and economic poverty is also found in such areas proving to be another reason for the backwardness of Muslim countries.