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Who Were The First People To Believe In One God?

Who Were The First People To Believe In One God?


The one who believes in god is a believer and the one who does not believe in god is a non-believer. There are also some people who believe in god but those do not divide it in religions and instead say that there is just one god that governs and supervises all the people of all religions and has created all of us equally and us being his sons and daughters are treated equally by him. Though it is not clearly known who were the first people to believe in   the concept of one god but I can clear the fact how the concept of one god came to people’s mind even through the times when people were full of orthodox traditional medieval beliefs.

Who Were The First People To Believe In One God?

Who Were The First People To Believe In One God

1. The Olden Times of Make Beliefs:-

The olden times were the times of make belief. People used to have blind faith in what they were being told for years. Various tales were told to them regarding the presence of god and that they needed to fear him, obey him and that he could be achieved only after following a certain person who was pope of the Catholic Church.

2. The Powers in the Olden Times:-

In the olden times, the Church was the only supreme authority and even the kings of that time were answerable to him. People of that time used to be uneducated and education that was in the form of manuscripts was in the reach of only a few people who were considered to be the people of knowledge, but afterwards, when the new thinkers started challenging the pope and then when the act of supremacy was finally passed that make the angelic church come into existence and the power was now out of the hands of the pope.

3. The New Times of Revolution:-

The new concept of deism came to be introduced and the main focus was now on man and his development. The people now were focused in one belief that there is only one god and he can be achieved with the power of reason. People thus started questioning the authorities and various new thinkers came that started challenging the orthodox beliefs prevailing in the society.

Now there came a period that people started believing in one god whom they could reach with the power of reasoning.

4. The Challenges Faced By Older Forms of Religion Because Of the New Thinkers:-

In the new era, there came new thinkers like Copernicus and Newton. The people who earlier believed that women was made by god from the Adam’s rib bone who was the first male ever made by god was now proven to be a myth as the new thinkers started tilling the graves and studying on the recently buried bodies of the dead that concluded that there is same number of bones in females as that in the case of males.

Countless efforts were made and finally the age of superstition had ended that resulted in the belief that there is only one god and he is omnipresent.


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