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Who Made The First Spectacles?

Who Made The First Spectacles?


We use spectacles with variable lenses for the purpose of improving the vision, for the purpose of preventing it from getting further spoiled, for the purpose of looking decent and attractive and these reasons may differ from individual to individual on the base of preferences and internal beliefs. Though there is no exact clue about who was the person who gave rise to spectacles, but several names are associated with it and the topmost amongst those names that we really feel relevant have been mentioned by us here in this article.

Who Made The First Spectacles?

Who Made The First Spectacles?

1. Spectacles were developed anonymously and Improved over Time:-

One thing that we can surely conclude about spectacles is that spectacles were developed by some person who is anonymous till yet.  The development of initial spectacles must have been made without frames or simply in the form of lenses only and then later on there must be some improvements made in the shape, structure and vision.

2. Roger Bacon, The Name That Counts:-

It is believed that Roger Bacon, who was based in Paris, was the first one to develop spectacles.  He was alive in thirteenth century and he had outlined specific principles behind the usage of corrective lenses in his Opus Majus of which there is written evidence. Though with varying region, there are many other facts that still need to be proven and even the other religions as well as nations claim to have the spectacle makers from their areas from the same period.

3. A Proof Supporting My Voice:-

There is a proof available with the history that depicts a priest named Nicholas Bullet who is Alleged to have used spectacles while signing an agreement. This one is from thirteenth century and thus we can claim one thing for sure that spectacle had been in use since thirteenth century.

In 1305, de Gordon’s Lilium medicinae that was written in Montpellier had reported that a kind of eye lotion was so much effective that it enabled the elders to read without making the use of spectacles which again is symbolic of the fact that spectacles were in use in the early thirteenth century.

There is also a work of fiction by Franco Saccheti, year 1358 that has got a Florentine prior saying ‘I don’t See well without my spectacle that again implies that people that time were making the use of spectacles and hence we can say that spectacles had been discovered till the start of thirteenth century.

4. Perhaps In The 13th Century Or Even Before It:-

With all the available facts and figures we can’t exactly say that whether it was an American or Chinese or anyone else from any other nation to discover spectacles, but one thing is sure that spectacles were in use even in the 13th century, which means that spectacles must have arrived either in the early 13th century or even before it in the late 12th century or so.


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