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Who Invented Perfumes and Why

Who Invented Perfumes and Why


I was delivering a lecture yesterday about various fragrances and how they were discovered. I asked a student of mine about how he thinks the perfumes must have come into existence and what must have been the reason for someone to try inventing them. The answer that he gave me was quite humorous, He simply said that sir, a person who would have been filthy and who would not be bathing regularly must have felt a need of something that may make him get a place in public and get rid of his smell and this is why he invented perfumes but the reality is always on the other side of the coin and that has been mentioned by us here.

Who Invented Perfumes and Why

Who Invented Perfumes and Why

1. The Invention of Early Perfumes:-

The earlier perfumes were totally based on the flower petals dipped in water kept over a long time in a stored way. This made the water, get some of the fragrance of petals stored in it and then this fragranced water was bought in use to be sprinkled over people and surroundings for the purpose of generating a kind of pleasant smell that people really liked.

2. The Blend of Flower Based Fragrances:-

In starting, only the flower based fragrances were in trend, but then afterwards, when there were researches made with chemistry, It was known that there are certain chemicals that upon reaction will impart strong fragrances and this made people including chemists start experimenting to develop synthetic chemical based fragrances as well. Afterwards, both the strategies, including the flower based fragrances and the chemical based fragrances got mixed up and people begin selling perfumes commercially.

3. The Reason for Discovery:-

There was probably no reason for the discovery of perfumes. It was the best of man’s knowledge since the ancient times that flowers impart fragrances and these fragrances are strong enough to make you feel fragranced as well. The chemical based fragrances are believed to have evolved out of the efforts of various chemists and an example of it is the first recorded chemist of the world who is named as Tapputi who later on started making perfumes after discovering that chemical reactions give rise to the generation of smells as well as fragrances.

The experiments done by such medical or chemical practitioners gave rise to the formation of fragrances that after the period of modernization were commercialized and this way the perfumes got manufactured.

4. The Diffusion Process Being a Helping Hand:-

Various experiments were made afterwards regarding the same to find out a number of flowers as well as chemicals that could give fragrances and the chemicals that could prevent those fragrances from spoiling. There were some oils that were bought in use for making this fragrance last even longer and then begin an era of oil mixed fragrances.

The experiments done on various fragrances later on revealed about the process of diffusion that could make the fragrances carried away with flowing air and thus the experiments done in an unknowing way proved to be a great success that we see in the shape of perfumes in today’s world.


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