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Who Built the First Bridge in the World

who built the first bridge in the world


While we are traveling around the places near or far away, we are sure to make use of some bridges while doing so as bridges make our travel convenient that could have rather become irksome else because of the impediments in the way. With such a great idea, there must be some great mind the thinking out of which resulted in the formation of the first bridge taking inspiration from which the rest of bridges were made and in order to know that, let us get a bit deeper and acknowledge ourselves.

who built the first bridge in the world

Who Built the First Bridge in the World

1. The First Bridges Were Not Made of Cement:-

The idea behind the first bridge to be made was not for transportation but it should have been for the purpose of making “Over Water” or ‘Over River” system of traveling to be developed. Now these initial forms of bridges were made out of wooden logs or planks and eventually the stones. There was a crossbeam kind of arrangement followed and this enabled the fellow people to have a light kind of arrangement for the purpose of travel. These systems were light and were free from the trouble of meeting a breakage which is why this system proved to be an inspiration for the forthcoming constructions.

2. The Initial Bridges Were Small:-

Though there is no clue about the person who exactly was the first to make bridges, but there is a clue available with the history that Till the age of cement and concrete had not arrived, man was still dependent on wooden blocks for the purpose of travel and these used to be kept as light as possible. These were often small and heavy vehicles with loads over them were prohibited to travel over them.

3. A Kind of Gauze Made of Connected Ropes Was Then Followed As A Trend:-

Just then there started an era in which people started using ropes made of tough material to be shaped up in the form of a connected gauze over which people could walk and these connected ropes were then attached to the either sides so as to make a bridge over which people could travel. These were also the light bridge versions. The difference was just that the new bridges were not entirely dependent on woods, but now the ropes were in use.

4. The Modernization of Bridges:-

The later on period of colonization and invasion because of modern technology that gave rise to the concrete made perfectly architecture, bridges that were made using both, the iron bars as well as the concrete and brick based strategy gave rise to the heavy, bulky and reliable bridges like the ones that we see in today’s world. The arrival of new technology was continuously improving and so did the case with manufacture of bridges as well.

The oldest available example of bridges in the contemporary world can be seen as The Arkadiko Bridge that is situated in Greece, which was made in the time approximately 13th century BC being one of the oldest arch bridges in existence today.


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