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Which Food Should Be Avoided In Diabetes

diet Should Be Avoided In Diabetes


Diabetes is a disease in which there is a lack of insulin hormone in an individual’s body or his or her body is unable to pay response towards the insulin produced in their body. This gives rise to the sugar levels in his blood and he becomes a prey to this disease. In this disease, his blood sugar levels are high and thus he should eat everything which is not rich in sugar, boosts insulin levels of the body and side by side also helps in reducing the pre-existing blood sugar levels. Now let us discuss what a patient of diabetes should never eat.

Which Food Should Be Avoided In Diabetes

Which Food Should Be Avoided In Diabetes

1. White Flour, White Rice and Processed Grains:-

The food items like white flour, white rice etc. should be avoided in problem of diabetes as it worsens your situation by interrupting the response paid by the body to insulin produced. You should also avoid the other food essentials like processed grains etc. in order to safeguard yourself against diabetes.

2. Sugar Rich Cereals:-

There are some cereals which can’t be made or eaten without adding sugar to them and there are even some packaged cereals which come with a sugar content added to them. You should stay away from all such cereals in order to safeguard yourself against diabetes. You can instead switch to honey or less sugary substitutes or you may even add sugar free substances available on medical stores to your diet instead of it.

diet Should Be Avoided In Diabetes

3. French Fries, Snacks and Meat:-

People these days are in a habit of eating snacks like French fries, meat based nuggets and rolls etc. This increases your problems by adding to your fructose level and inhibits the growth of insulin hormone as well. You should keep away from all such stuff in order to reduce the effect of diabetes.

4. Vegetables with Lots of Butter and Sodium:-

The vegetables and eating items prepared adding lots of butter and sodium to them not only make you prone to diabetes, but also increase your risk to become a patient of blood pressure problem. In order to keep yourself immune against the problem of diabetes as well as blood pressure, you should also avoid such food items.

5. Sugar Syrup and Jam Rich Products:-

There are some food items which come packaged applied with jam and sugar syrup. There are many food items which can’t be made without adding sugar syrup in them and this includes generally, all the sweets as well as sweet dishes. In order to avoid diabetes, you should consume such food items as well.

food Avoided In Diabetes

6. Fruit Drinks, Beer, Soda, Chocolate Drinks and Ice Cream:-

You should try to stay away from soda drink, fruit drinks, chocolate drinks and ice creams. These all food items add a lot of crabs to your diet and also make you fall a prey to increasing levels of sugar. Actually, when there is an excessive amount of sugar in your blood, this makes you diabetic and you have to get injections of insulin hormone injected into your body. In order to safeguard yourself against this problem, you should avoid every food item rich in fructose or sugar.


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