How to Know Whether a Girl Is Virgin or Not

How to Know whether a Girl Is Virgin or not


When a particular person has never done sex in life, he or she is called a virgin. Virginity is basically the state of a person who has never engaged in a sexual intercourse. Now when we are talking about checking a person for his/her virginity, we will actually have to check if he/she had a past of physical contact or sexual intercourse or not and obviously we can’t enter someone else’s past to check it and thus we need something really working. If you are doubtful whether a particular girl is a virgin or not, you can bring the following tips in use:-

How to Know Whether a Girl is Still Virgin or Not

How to Know Whether a Girl is Still Virgin or Not

1. Bleeding When You Make a Sexual Intercourse:-

When you make sexual intercourse with a girl for the first time, she is likely to bleed. When you insert your penis in her vaginal area, it will be covered with a layer of blood when it comes out in most of the cases where a girl in virgin. Though this cannot be taken as a permanent factor, but still it stays the same in most of the cases.

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2. Never Consider Bleeding To Be a Sure-Shot Break of Virginity:-

Never consider bleeding to be a sure-shot break of virginity as you may see or may not see blood on your penis when you make sexual intercourse with a girl. The girls who use tampons or play sports are less likely to experience this kind of bleeding as a layer of skin around the opening of their vagina, which is called Hymen gets stretched with such factors and thus you can’t bring this step in use if either of these is applicable with that girl.

3. A Talk of Mutual Trust:-

The best way to adjudge if a girl is virgin or not is to ask her directly but it also depends on the girl’s nature and if she is habitual of lying, she will easily be able to befool you with her words. Instead of asking her if she is virgin, just ask her if she has ever been a part of sports and if she has ever used tampons and then you can consider bleeding or other further mentioned approaches to decide if she is a virgin or not.

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4. Get A Glimpse about It through Her Talks:-

Sometimes even the way a girl talk with you can be taken as a factor to adjudge if she is a virgin or not. If she has had a past with multiple boyfriends, she is very much likely to have lost her virginity. Just have a talk with her and make her frank with yourself. She is sure to reveal each and every moment of her past with you like this.

5. Two Finger Test:-

You can never say it surely if a girl is virgin or not till you don’t perform several virginity tests on her. Besides checking bleeding, you can also go for a two finger test in order to know if she is a virgin or not.
Here in this test you will have to insert two fingers in your girl’s vagina to check the level of laxity in her vagina. Laxity can help us determine if a girl is habitual of a sexual intercourse or not, but this can be best done only if you are either a doctor or if you have a proper knowledge of laxity and proper way to perform this test.

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