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Where Were The First Schools

Where Were The First Schools


The past period when there used to be no source of printing and publishing the works of knowledge, there were no physical schools, but still people used to get knowledge, though the number of educated people was still limited, but the time till education did not get revolutionized still had got education in it and to answer the question where were the first schools build, made and held, let us get a bit deeper and do research in the past.

Where Were The First Schools

Where Were The First Schools

Obviously Mothers Have Been The First Source of Education:-

In the previous times, even when there used to be no written education, the mothers used to be the perfect source of education who used to fortify her children against the impediments of life. Mothers used to tell them how to eat, how to live and how to behave in the society and this is why here we have considered her as the first school of everyone.

The Time When There Used To Be No Printed Paper:-

The time when there used to be no printed paper, the churches were governed by the pope and even the kings were answerable to him which means he was the supreme authority. The education was made in church and only a limited people who were the so called “people of education” had only the access to it. The educative writings were based on manuscripts and only a selected few people could read these manuscripts.

The Introduction of Paper:-

After the act of supremacy was enacted upon, the kings got their rule and new angelic churches came in introduction. The pope lost its power and afterwards, when paper was introduced, the religious writings like bible etc. that were earlier limited to manuscripts were now within the reach of common people.

Many writers now had started developing the versions of these educational scripts on paper in their own languages that was cheap and people even could get it in their homes for reading. Now the introduction of paper bought the education out of churches and new schools were established that focused on paper based reading rather than the manuscripts.

The Introduction of New Philosophies:-

Now, as more and more people were getting the access to education, more and more works in literature were being done and the old orthodox beliefs were also getting challenged by the people. The fact that “the other” which was the women who has shown to be made by the rib bone of “Adam” from the god’s side now was merely a tale as people started opening up the graves and studying the dead bodies so as to know the hidden truth behind the mirage the church had created in front of them.

This was the schools were getting modernized and soon it took the shape of schooling like what we see in today’s world. The addition of digital education to which has brought about a paradigm shift in the world of schooling and knowledge.