Where To Sell Second Hand Mobile Phones Easily

Where To Sell Second Hand Mobile Phones


With a large number of mobile sets getting launched everyday, there comes an urge within every user to have the latest gadget within his or her hand that comes with the latest features and has the power to operate the latest of applications in it, but to overcome the money problem, he or she might chose to sell off the old set to have some money to buy the new set for him or her and thus there comes the need to sell off the old phone.

Where To Sell Second Hand Mobile Phones

Where To Sell Second Hand Mobile Phones

Where To Sell My Old Mobile?

You can sell your mobile directly to some friend or relative through direct marketing or you may even contact some mobile dealer to sell your mobile phone to earn commission from you. but most of the mobile dealers don’t pay you enough for the gadget as they want to earn a huge commission for selling everything so better is that you sell your phone yourself to save the commission paid by you to the middle men for selling your phone. You can sell your mobile phone on the websites that provide a platform for selling and purchasing the old stuff like QUIKR with the website www.quikr.com or olx with the website www.olx.in.

where the seller has just to click the pictures of the stuff he or she wants to sell off and has to describe the features of the stuff he or she wants to sell along with the contact details and the person that views the advertisement and gets interested to purchase your mobile or other stuff posted by you will call you yourself and purchase the stuff on your own prices without the interference of any middle men. The buyer can thus meet the seller directly and have the mobile phone that he wishes to purchase enquiring all the features and can make the payment after considering about all the features mentioned by the seller.

What to Do To Make the Phone Be Sold At Great Prices?

Refurbish Your Mobile :-

Try to refurbish your mobile phone before selling it to your relative or some body else so that it looks represent able enough to be purchased at the price you desire. Clean your mobile phone with the help of acetone or petrol with the help of cotton balls from the outer side and get it laminated after doing so. Lamination does not cost much and enhances the look of the phone. If there are some scratches on the back of the phone, you can have some designer lamination done at the back of your choice and get the phone refurbished.

Boost The Speed :-

You just need to boost up the speed of the phone by clearing the cookies of the browser and clearing up the history and cleaning the screen of the phone so that it gives good picture quality and to clean the viruses if any in the memory of the phone by installing some good antivirus and using some good memory cleaner installable from the Google play store.

Install The New Applications :-

install the quality applications in the phone that make it look more presentable in front of the purchaser and it becomes easier for you to get bucks from his or her pockets.
and last but not the least take any sort of I’d or written proof from the purchaser that he or she is purchasing your phone, so that if there is any sort of fraud/ miss-happening / dacoit/assassination/crime associated with your phone in the future made by the buyer, you can go by the law and spare yourself from the guilt of helping a criminal.


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