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Where Does The Wind Come From?

Where Does The Wind Come From?


You may take winds as the flow of air over a particular type of area of land. This generally occurs from the area of high pressure to the area of low pressure and this occurrence of the formation of air patterns is regarded as the wind flow. It is only the wind flow pattern that decided whether a kind of region will be deserted or normal and the pressure as well as other such conditions makes changes and variations in the wind patterns. In case you need to know more about how these winds get formed, we have got some information here for you regarding the same.

Where Does The Wind Come From

Where Does The Wind Come From

The Role of Sun Rays:-

We know that the sun’s rays are a source of temperature and more the temperature is, more the air will rise up as it is a nature of gases to meet a rise with the rise in temperature. Thus the sun’s rays act as an uprising carrier for the winds and this way the sun‘s rays that get absorbed by the surface of earth act as a carrier of these winds making them meet an upraise to the sky. This heating is a kind of uneven heating because of various factors and the air that rises will be generally lighter and dense.

The Two Kinds of Air That Get Formed:-

Now in a region where there is a cool kind of climate, the winds will also be cool and will not be dense unlike the light winds that have resulted because of the rise of temperature and the low or high atmosphere will be created accordingly.

Now talking about the variations in the wind patterns, the lighter and heavier winds or you may say the uprising winds and the down staying winds will make a certain kind of air pattern that we commonly notice as the wind pattern and if we notice this phenomenon over several regions, we will find that this takes place within every region but the patterns may have slight variations from place to place depending on the temperature and pressure conditions.

The Reason behind the Formation of Variations in the Wind Patterns:-

Talking about the earth, the temperature can’t ever be the same with every region and even the sun’s rays are not equally distributed over each and every region.

If we talk about the variations in the wind patterns, the main reason behind this phenomenon is the uneven distribution of the sun’s rays only and talking about the other such factors like the mountain barriers that prevent certain kinds of winds from reaching certain places and the other conditions like the pattern of winds over the equatorial region that generally is found to be a deserted place.

The nature of soil is also responsible for this partially like if we talk about the desert sand, it gets heated and cooled easily and this is why you may notice variations in the wind patterns from one area to the other.


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