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Where Do Most Aliens Come From

Where Do Aliens Come From


“Alien” fills our mindsets with an imagination of a creature that would have strange looks besides a strange tone and would come from a place other than the earth. Alien basically means “strange” or “Unfamiliar” and this word is used to express the creatures that do not belong to this planet. These are imagined to have come from some other place or planet and countless myths and facts are prevailing in the society about these creatures. Various documentary films have also been directed taking these creatures as the centre of attraction, but their existence is still under doubts.

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Where Do Most Aliens Come From

Aliens, a Fact or Reality?

For many years, there has been a persisting debate on the fact if aliens do exist in real life or not? This universe is a big creation of god and it is as big as the existence of life itself is. There used to be a time when we believed that this galaxy is itself a universe and there is nothing beyond it. There came a belief then that this is just one galaxy which we call the “milky way” while there are many other galaxies with separate solar systems in them.

Now just imagine, many galaxies, with many moons and many suns, may be in some of these galaxies, there may be a planet like earth where there is a presence of atmosphere as well as life. The creatures from that planet would be called aliens. May be that these creatures are much backward than us in the terms of science and technology or may be that they may be much advance than us.

May be that some day they may visit our planet in search of life like we are searching the other planets to discover new things and then reaching the earth there may be a war or friendship between both the planets depending on the circumstances. Aliens are a thus a reality undiscovered as the name alien is still a fact and fact is nothing but a discovery yet to be made.

Are Aliens Harmful To Us or Beneficial To Us?

There is no-one who has met any alien till yet. The aliens may be a microscopic form of single cell life appearing on earth with some meteor or some other such celestial creation or they may appear to us in some space ship like the ones depicted in movies with multi-cellular forms of life carried in them.

They may even have a more developed mind and heart and as it is a universal fact that both these organs generate electrical impulses and have the power to control anything, these creatures may also have some super powers enough to rule the humanity. If these won’t be as advance as we are, these creatures may also resemble the animals of earth or some creature that is still not known to mankind. These may be carnivores or herbivores or may even fetch upon the sunlight or atmospherically gases as well.

Various Theories That Have Evolved About Aliens:-

Continuous theories have evolves in contemporary time about these creatures and may be, that if we are able to travel beyond the other galaxies, some day we may find a planet with aliens over it or may be that if aliens have much advance technology than us, these creatures might explore our solar system and reach the earth. Aliens can thus be concluded as an unsolved mystery that is yet to be answered.


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