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Where do Elephants Live?

Where do Elephants Live?


Elephants are the large sized mammals that have got four legs, a massive buildup and a trunk. These mammals prefer to live in herds and there are generally two species of these mammals that can be taken as the Asian one and the African one. Though there is a great fear of reckless poaching and hunting of this animal as its skin and teeth can cost much for a common person and thus this proves to make him the biggest threat to this animal, but still some people choose to make this animal a pet by adopting it and sometimes when it is in the womb of the wild, it lives fear free surviving with its fellow elephants.

Where do Elephants Live?

Where do Elephants Live?

1. The Asian Elephants:-

Talking about the Asian elephants, these ones are a bit smaller than the African ones with smaller ears and a dome shaped back. Talking about the Asian elephants, these elephants can be found living in the local habitats of the country where there is a plenty of food of water. They feed on the local plants, fruits, vegetables and other such crops.

Elephants are found to enter the local fields, sometimes and eat up all the crops and vegetation within no time. The elephants are commonly herbivores and they never choose to kill anyone so as to quench their food needs. Elephants relish water and choose to live in an area that has got a plenty of it.

2. The African Elephants:-

The African elephants have large ears and a comparatively large physique than the Asian elephants, but have a wrinkly skin unlike that of the African one. Elephants can be found in a habitat that provides them a plenty of food and water to drink. As these elephants are massive, their diet is massive as well and thus they choose to live in an area where there is a plenty of it.

In Africa, the elephants can be found in the sub-Saharan Africa and the rain forests of Central and West Africa. The areas of Mozambique in Africa has a planet of these elephants which has got a big and massive grass where these elephants choose to live in.

3. Pet Elephants:-

Pet animals refers to the elephants that are either kept in some national park or even some zoo. The elephants that are found to enter the city or are unclaimed and there is no owner of them, these elephants are made to live in the national parks or even the zoo that are made within the cities.

Some people even choose to make pet these animals and thus the person who chooses to adopt this animal can even manage to keep it with him depending on the laws of the country. Else elephants can be found within the areas with rivers, canals and local jungles as well.

You might find these animals at any of the local zoo in your area as well. The animals are sometimes made pet by the local film industries etc so as to make them featured in their films but this is made within a contract so as to take care of these animals besides featuring them.


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