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Where do Babies Come From

Where do Babies Come From


Somebody has rightly said,” Only a mother can tell from where the baby came from”? and even the father can’t tell it surely without her approval. Though since childhood many children keep on asking their parents from where did they come, but never get a satisfactory answer and thus here we have come with all information for you regarding this topic that even your mother won’t tell.

Where do Babies Come From

Where do Babies Come From

1. Talking About The Myth:-

Talking about the myth prevailing in the society, Whenever you may have asked your mother in childhood, from where did you come? She might have given you the answers like a fairy came and gave you to them or like an angel from heaven came on the earth to give you to your parents, but let me tell you that it is bullshit and they took you as a kid.

If you would have asked it from your teacher, she must have answered you that we all are the offsprings of Adam and Eve, who were the first couple on the earth and we all are their offsprings, this can be taken as half true but you still don’t get a proof as you had not seen it happening. The exact clue you get about babies being born is when you are taken to some hospital and that too is just the half of knowledge.

2. Talking About The Scientific Approach:-

If I try to give you the full knowledge with a scientific approach, I will simply say that there are two hormones in humans, one is the testosterone and other is the estrogen, both the hormones are there in males as well as females but estrogen is in females in excess and testosterone is in males in excess.

After completing the state of puberty, when a girl starts getting periods and becomes mature enough to produce babies, she goes on a sexual intercourse with her hubby and he injects some of his sperm in her vagina.

These sperms travel through their passage making a way and reach the female ova to fertilize the eggs. The eggs get fertilized and the girl enters the state of pregnancy. She bears nine months of pain in the hospital and then gives birth to the baby.

3. What Is Done In The Hospitals:-

When you were a kid and your parents started taking you to hospitals first of all, you must have though that this is the place where babies are manufactured but that was just a half, truth as I told earlier. The manufacturing process has been done earlier by the couple and the hospital just brings about the delivery making the use of machines in a proper way and hands over the baby to its parents.

4. The Baby Can Even Be A Surrogate Baby:-

Surrogacy can be understood as an approach in which an agreement is made for pregnancy that makes the transfer of embryo from one mother to the other using the concept of vitro fertilization and is impregnated naturally or artificially. This is done in case if the mother is not able to give birth to a child due to prolonged sickness or due to any other reason and thus a baby can even be surrogate as well.


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