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Where Do Aghoris Live In India

Where Do Aghoris Live In India


Aghoris refers to the group of sadhu babas that live along with the dead. These are often found bathe in the ashes of human remains and prefer not to live with normal people, but are found doing their religious practices in special dedicated places meant for the aghoris only. Varanasi serves to be the best place for these babas and often they can be seen traveling for various melas like kumbh snaan etc in order to offer devotion to their god. It is believed that aghori babas have the power to deal with the dead souls and thus the power of an aghori is even more than anybody else being born as a human.

Where Do Aghoris Live In India

Where Do Aghoris Live In India

1.  Varanasi being a hub of aghoris:-

Varanasi acts as a hub of aghoris as most of the aghoris live at this place. The aghoris inhibit Varanasi along side the banks of the river Ganga and most of these reside by the kashi Vishwanath temple which is an attraction for all kinds of people and there these aghoris keep on offering their worships. Aghoris can also be found traveling various melas of India like the kumbh or mahakumbh as it serves to be the gathering place for these aghoris.

2. Even igniting themselves in dung cakes at various places:-

Some of the aghoris may also be found igniting themselves in a dhuni which is a place with cow dung cakes put over flames in order to get some place for them to ignite. This serves as the best place for them to make their religious practices and thus the aghoris choose to make this practice in order to attain balance with their practices.

3. The place where the food is available:-

The aghoris are found feeding on the dead as well as the things that we think to be worse for human feeding. This includes the rotten foods, animal faces, animal urine and other such decaying and decaying kind of foods as these sadhus believe that this diet gives them the power and purifies their soul making them get their ego killed. The aghoris often eat their food in human skull as it also serves to bring them the same.

4. Where There Are Dead, There Is an Aghori:-

The aghoris feed on the dead remains of the bodies that they find. Often the aghoris even bathe in the ashes of a dead body and keep themselves engaged in post-mortem rituals. These also find the bones from the remains of dead bodies and use the same bone powder for their practices.

The bones also serve as jewellery of these aghoris and thus you can say that where there is dead body, there is an aghori as well and these are always indulged in the activities that the common man would find either hard to do or not suitable to be committed.


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