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Where Do Babies go When They are Aborted

Where Do Aborted Babies Go


To have a baby is perhaps the best boon that a mother can get from god’s side as an epitome of love amongst her as well as her partner. Sometimes it has been seen that when either the in laws are forcing a mother to have an abortion because it is a baby girl in her womb or when it is that the mother is not of a mature age to become a mother or if it is that the baby in her womb is illegitimate one, the mother might have to go for an abortion but the question here arises that what happens to the baby that is aborted? Well, here we have tried our best to answer this question.

Where Do Aborted Babies Go

Where Do Aborted Babies Go

1. The Baby would get To the Dustbin:-

The baby eventually would be thrown into the dustbin as it is nothing more than a dead collection of tissues now. This is the most common thing that happens to the aborted babies and even the attendees make a remark,” why should we care for the one who was not even cared by his or her parents”.

2. Some of them are cremated:-

There are also some people though in a negligible amount who dutifully record their fate and give them the funeral and respect their humanity demands and some of the aborted babies are even cremated this way with respect that every human dead body deserves but only in case the attendees and staff are human enough for it.

3. Some Are Even Tested For Experiments Preserved In Labs:-

We made a talk with an attender of a hospital about how do they receive the aborted babies; the remark that he made was shocking. He said that most of the aborted babies are sent for making studies over them. The aborted babies come in a container with formalin and after what happens to them is out of his knowledge.

4. Basically What Happens To The Dead Bodies Happens To These Aborted Babies:-

Whatever may be the approach followed, but the same happens to the aborted babies what happens to an illegitimate body dead fallen over the floor with no one to make claim over it or to offer rituals or to make the after death practices.

5. Some Even Have Got Their Condition Much Pathetic:-

Another hospital attender made a remark that the condition of some of the dead and aborted babies is so horrible that most of them are either without head, or without hands or simply without any other organ of the body. We talked to this about a doctor who told us that sometimes while making an abortion, the pills are not enough to kill the baby and somehow if the baby manages to survive, they have to make it die chopping off its body which makes the aborted baby have missing body parts. He also made a remark that though it is cruel and inhuman still they have to do this taking the baby not as a body, but a tissue that they have to remove with any approach.


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