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When Were Electric Lamps Invented

when were electric lamps invented


The Lamps refer to the word that is used for something that glows. It may be an earthen lamp, a bulb, an incandescent lamp or even the other ones like the fuel lit lamps, etc. Talking about the invention of lamps, there are many aspects related to it and in order to know how each type of lamp came into fashion, you may choose to read the further information that we are providing in this article.

When Were Lamps Invented

When Were Lamps Invented

1. The Invention of Light Bulb:-

The official credit for the invention of a light bulb goes to Thomas Edison in 1879. Thomas Edison had been working on this concept for years and finally, when he made a success, there was a group of young minds following him making new searches and researches bringing forward this concept to a new level.

2. The Incandescent Lighting:-

There was something that existed before this period as well and it was obviously the concept of electricity. The Italian inventor Alessandro Volta In year 1800 had successfully developed a successful method of developing electricity and it was named as the voltaic pile. It was composed of the alternating discs of Zinc and Copper that were interspersed with cardboard layers that generated electric charge when a copper wire was connected at the either end and thus the electricity invention can be believed to have existed even before this period.

3. The Olden Ways of Using Lamps:-

The lamps that were used earlier were basically the fire torches that were lit, making fire with the dry pieces of wood. The dry wood could be burnt easily and thus it was quiet easy to use, these firewood as a source of generating light which can be seen as an early form of lamps.

4. After the Various Fuels Got Introduced:-

Just after the fuels were introduced to people and it was known that the various kinds of fuels can be bought in use for the purpose of making fire or lighting or igniting woods, the fuel lit wooden torch came to existence that can again be viewed as a sort of improvement in the lamps of that time.

5. Advancement of  Modern Fuels:-

Just after this time, the new kinds of fuels including kerosene or petrol etc. were introduced and thus people not had started using the laps that included a piece of wire, string dipped in this fuel ignited with fire in such a way that the wire head keeps on glowing till the fuel lasts. This kept on getting improved and sideways the advancements with electricity kept on giving rise to the modern equipment or modern kind of lamps.

6. The Usage of Filaments Based On Resistivity:-

With the advancement in electronic gadgets, A fact came to the human knowledge and it was that there are certain elements that, if supplied with electric power will start glowing and the filament won’t even get melted in certain cases, if we supply much electric energy in a single time, for example, with the arrival of tungsten filaments, the modern bulbs did not get fused much often and thus with the advancements that followed this time, the lamps kept on getting modernized.


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