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When Were Books First Made

when were books first made


You must have heard that books are an individual’s best friend and talking about books, these are an excellent source of knowledge that can even turn a fool into a man of knowledge. Talking about the fact how books were made, there are countless predictions and facts about it that you may collect from any civilization or period. Here we have bought some information regarding the same that will help you to know it in a better way.

when were books first made

When Were Books First Made

Period before Books were introduced:-

Talking about the period when books were not introduced, the all written matter used to be limited to some people and they usually belonged to the church. These were the people thought to be the knowledged people and only under their surveillance the other such people could read the manuscripts meant for the purpose of getting educated.

The most of other people, thus stayed uneducated and even the educated ones were taught just what these people dealing with knowledge used to teach them. Talking about the Asian culture, the knowledge in this time was limited to the kings only and thus we can say that before books came, the education was in a newborn baby’s stage.

The Period of Introduction of Books:-

The earlier books were written on the bark of trees. This bark was then converted to the form of pages and then there came an era of printing press. The printing presses then changes the entire history of publication and now the written part that used to much costly in the medieval times could come into the reach of common people. They could carry it home, read it and make an analysis of it as well.

The introduction of printed pages, thus brought about a kind of revolution and people were now educated with the paper printed books that they could carry anywhere and this medium was cheaper than the earlier means of education.

After the Books were introduced:-

After the introduction of printed press, the local people dealing with knowledge started writing the translations of holy books in several languages and taking the form of literature as well as other such teachings and used to write it in their mother language. The literature was spread this way and all the people who were even living below the poverty line could now get an access to these books. The books thus brought about a kind of revolution in people’s lives and this way people starting,  developing a kind of reasoning power in them.

The main focus earlier used to be on God, while it was shifted from God or deity to the man now and people begin researching and challenging the orthodox beliefs in the society afterwards that proved to bring about a revolution of knowledge and thus people realized the value of books and thus more books were printed to make it reach even the so called common man.