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When is it too Late to Perform an Abortion

When is it too Late to Perform an Abortion


Abortion can be understood as the end of pregnancy if I talk in simple words or if I talk scientifically, It can be regarded as a surgical or medicinal removal of the fetus from mother’s uterus forcing out or ending the tissues in it. Basically it can be done till the fetus gets able to survive on its own and can be done in both the ways either taking some medicine for this purpose or simply by fixing up an appointment with a Pregnancy/ Abortions related surgeon and then get the job fulfilled by him.


When is it too Late to Perform an Abortion

When is it too Late to Perform an Abortion

1. Pills Related Abortions:-

Pills related abortion can be practiced till the Seventh week if I talk in true senses. Abortion pills can be bought in use after 6 days of the beginning of your last menstrual period and can be used up to the next seven or eight weeks but it is better to do it as soon as possible if it is necessary for you so as to avoid any unfortunate miss happening with the girl. These pills can be obtained from any leading medical store and you can consider taking them after performing a pregnancy based urine test of yourself.

2. Surgical Abortions:-

Surgical abortion is possible generally after the 5th week of pregnancy and the last point to get it performed on a pregnant women is up to the 14th to 18th week of pregnancy. The procedure for the surgical removal is quite simple that involves the pregnant women to lie down on the examining table and then the doctor will see your vaginal part examining it to consider if the abortion can be made safely.

Anesthetics are used to make that part go numb and easy to go for a surgery or to make her unconscious to let her be able to undergo or bear the pain. In a period of around ten to fifteen minutes, all the tissues of the fetus are eliminated from the mother’s uterus using a suction tube and then stitches are made if there is any excess surgical cut made. The mother has to stay at rest in hospital for a period of five to six hours and then she is discharged after abortion.

3. Depends On The Law Of Your Country:-

When it is too late to have an abortion partially depends on the law of your country as well. The country may have some rules and regulations imposed on its inhabitants so as to be fulfilled in case to make abortion. First of all let me tell you that If it is the case of a sex selective abortion In India, It will be considered to be illegal by the law and you can be punished by it as well. The law permits you to make an abortion provided it should not be a sex selective one. These laws may differ with each and every country and thus you will have to go by them.

4. Antibiotics For Infection:-

Antibiotics might even be considered to avoid any infection with the related area but still I will like to advise you to stay in touch with a health specialist regarding your health as well. You can even be asked to make a gap of one week before getting an abortion so as to think again about your decision depending on the laws and priorities of the country as well as the hospital.


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