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When do you Get your Period

When do you Get your Period


A period is something that has happened with every woman at some point of life. This is a part of menstrual cycle and these are necessary for her to get mature enough to be capable of making babies. Periods generally come in puberty age and are a sign that you are now entering the age of adulthood. In puberty, some changes come in both males as well as females and these changes are accompanied along with the periods that every female experience after entering the age of puberty.

When do you Get your Period

When do you Get your Period

Attaining maturity:-

As we know that the case of getting mature is different in case of every girl and so is the case with puberty as well. In some cases puberty may occur in case of girls in the age as low as 9 while in the other girls it might take the age of 12 or even 13-14 to occur with them. It does not matters if the puberty is coming too much early or too much late in case of any female, the process always stays normal in every case.

Changes During Puberty:-

When a girl enters her age of puberty, her breasts starts developing and hair will grow at pubic places as well as under arms. Besides these changes, She will encounter periods as well. These include a discharge of fluid from their vagina for which they have to use sanitary pads. After the puberty has begin and breast development has started taking place, she will start getting her periods and the vaginal discharge that I mentioned in the above lines is only the indicating sign for it. The fluid will be slightly sticky as well as thick and it will come out of your vagina.

What Does Periods Mean?

Periods mean that the girl has become capable to become a mother now. If she makes physical relationship with a man after she starts getting periods, there are chances for her to get pregnant.
The “OVA” or egg in female gets fused with the male sperm making it fertilized and as a male has got thousands of tiny sperms, the female has got thousands of tiny eggs in her ovaries. Periods may mean a signal to you that you have now become capable to make your eggs mature and develop them into young ones after mating.

What Happens In A Period?

While in a period, the wall of female uterus gets thicker and the unwanted tissue is released by the uterus. It is human need that the body should remove everything that is not needed or is injurious for it and same is the case with this tissue, it is useless for the body and thus it gets ejected this way.

Periods may last from two days to a week and it may take 12 to 18 months for a girl to get regular periods. This might range from 25-30 days after she grows up. Reaching the conclusion, The cases of periods may be slightly different with every female and it is always normal for a woman to get periods.


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