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When Do Babies Start Crawling

When Do Babies Start Crawling


To have a baby is perhaps the best time of a couple’s life and both the mother as well as father gets equally rejoiced within their lives because of the playful activities that the baby is indulged in. The moves that it makes, the smile that the baby shows out of the playful deeds that it gets involved in and the way it crawls on its knees to reach the mother or father. Crawling is perhaps the first stage of walking for every baby and thus parents are always cared about when their baby will start crawling and then be able to stand on its legs and in order to judge when the baby will start walking, you may choose to go for the various facts based on reports prepared by us.

When Do Babies Start Crawling

When Do Babies Start Crawling

1. The Speedily the Growth, the Earlier the Baby Crawls:-

The way a mother nourishes her baby is the first and foremost thing that decides how earlier the baby will begin crawling. The better the growth of body muscles takes place, the better and earlier will the  baby start crawling and the sooner will it be able to stand upon its legs as well.

2. The Exact Age for a Baby to Crawl:-

Generally a baby starts crawling at the age of six-seven months. It may even occur sooner or even later on some of the cases and in cases of malnourished babies, this may occur much later also. You should consult a health professional about it if it has been more than nine months and still the baby is not crawling.

3. What Mrs. Varsha Sharma Says:-

Mrs. Varsha Sharma, who is a government based teacher, told us that it partially depends on the way you serve the baby as well. She started nurturing her baby with massages done with baby oils and kept breastfeeding. Her baby boy started crawling at the age of six months and soon even the teeth started coming. All the credit for this process goes to nutrition from her side.

4. What Mrs. Tanya Says:-

According to Mrs. Tanya, it also depends on the environment where the baby is kept. The babies who stay in a company of other babies learn it sooner than the others as when they see the other babies crawl in order to reach some place, even they encounter an urge to reach things by crawling.

5. According To Mr. Rakesh Sharma, A Father:-

Mr. Rakesh Sharma says, He had been trying his best to nourish his baby and even his wife had tried their best to make the baby try standing on its legs since the very age, it was about one year, but later on they found that the baby had encountered some bone related disorder for which they advise all the parents to stay in touch with a baby health expert.

6. The Basic Conclusion:-

These were just the cases that we thought must be bought to your knowledge, but the basic essence of all the talks and enquiries that we made comes that you need to nurture the baby properly, massage its body regularly with baby oil, breast feed it and then the baby is sure to start crawling by the age of six to seven months.


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