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When did the Eiffel Tower Open to the Public

When did the Eiffel Tower Open to the Public


Eiffel tower that was built in 1889 with GUSTAVE EIFFEL, as the engineer and architect behind the tower, which has remained amongst the tallest buildings of the world since the day it was built and Its construction took two years, two months and five days to be completed. It is an example of architectural advancement and magnificent steel work that makes it stand as a wonder before the world. The tower comprises 18,000 metallic parts, joined together by 2.5 million rivets and this 324 meters high steel building has served as the entrance arch to the 1889 world’s fair making a place for it in the tallest man made structures in the world. The engineer GUSTAVE EIFFEL kept a small apartment of the third floor of this tower for entertaining friends, which is now open to the public.

When did the Eiffel Tower Open to the Public

When did the Eiffel Tower Open to the Public

Opening of Eiffel Tower:-

About 7 million tourists arrive Paris each year to visit Eiffel tower that make people get spell bounded to it. The date of its opening for the general public can be regarded as the 31st of March of the month when it was built and till then many efforts have been bought down in practice for its improvement and maintenance.

The Reason For Its Fame:-

When the Eiffel Tower was built, there was no building as tall as it and thus it came amongst world’s tallest man made structures. Later on in 1930 when the Chrysler Building was built, it lost this position, but it still did not reduce its fame and people still liked to visit it to celebrate their love and travel it to celebrate their vacations. It remained the world’s tallest building till 1930 and remained the source of inspiration for every builder of this world.

Facts About Eiffel Tower:-

You will get mesmerized to know that this steel building, weights about 10,100 tonnes and operates on a lift as the means of reaching the top. You can even take the stairs, but the 1665 steps are not easy to be climbed by everybody and thus everybody prefers to travel through lifts. It is said that the steel tower gets shrinked by six inches in cold weather. It takes approximately 60 tonnes of paint every year in order to paint this steel tower. The roof of the tower is located 300.65 m (986 ft) above the ground level and the Top floor is 273.00 m (896 ft) above the ground level. The tower has got three floors and 9 lifts/ elevators. Countless tourists get attracted from Paris as well as the other countries every year to visit this steel monument as it gives them memories that stay life long forever.


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